St. Louis brawl: head vs sidewalk

WARNING: In this video a young girl gets her head slammed into the sidewalk. People are reporting that she never recovered and that she has died of her injuries (not confirmed but widely believed).

I’m posting this because…

This seems to be blowing up on X (Twitter) and… back when Daniel Penny held that choke way too long and killed that homeless kid on the subway everyone was using it for political discourse about racism but honestly… I thought it was an important opportunity to educate people about chokes.

  • A choke is not a restraint. Strangulation is murder. Holding a choke for longer than a few seconds is irresponsible. Switch to a restraint.

In the same way, people should teach kids that banging someone’s head on the sidewalk like this is clearly going to be a murder. It’s not clear if Maurnice DeClue (the black girl) meant to murder the white girl (Kailee) or just hurt her but… there should be some kind of class that teaches kids how to not murder each other in unsafe situations(?). Does health class do this?

MMA competitions show a bunch of moves… the WWE shows a bunch of moves… but most people don’t know how these moves work or what sort of damage can occur… so maybe there should be some kind of class or maybe a seminar at school… Don’t Brain Your Classmates starring John Cena.

If you train in grappling please teach people that the back of their heads are softer than concrete. I hope everyone is aware of that bit of biology.

There should be a PSA or a series of memes about these types of things. Do your part to raise awareness so people stop George Floyding people and murdering each other on the sidewalk over whatever bullcrap this one was about.

Maybe a bit more knowledge would prevent some murders… or would it do the opposite?

What do we do? Do we spread the word that sidewalk slams are lethal? What do you guys think? is it common sense or should there be some sort of course on how to avoid murder?

Let’s go back to the moron who posted this, Paul A. Szypula.

The girl is alive last I checked.

Meanwhile, this recoding is pretty whack. They even reversed “GRAPHIC WARNING”.

Russian hacks.

I edited the title so it doesn’t say “fatal” – people are saying she’s not dead but in critical condition at the hospital.

I am not vouching for the person who posted the video (or anyone on X a.k.a. Twitter). I just couldn’t find the video from a more reliable source (yet). I do not share the abhorrent political learnings of… whoever.

I am assuming this is an actual video of things actually happening. No one in the video appears to be Russian.