So how about Gordon Ryan?

So, let’s see what we’ve learned in these past few years.

  1. No one can stop Ryan.

I think maybe one person beat him.

  1. Carlos Gracie Jr is manipulating ranks for money.

See the globetrotters incident.

  1. Tom Deblass is a nutcase that loves to run his mouth.

The peaceful Christian thing was a front. See any of his social media.

  1. I’m neither cowardly, nor a liar.

Jan 6th I called before it happened and I grabbed footage. I also got footage of recent terror events as we saw on the recent BCH thread. I have to go there and deal with these guys to get those pics and the footage.

  1. Vinny Souza isn’t a real grappler.

Still waiting on him to kick any ass at all. Or do literally anything grappling wise.

You know what that’s called when you say a bunch of untrue shit to press a convenient narrative? It’s called LYING. The BJJ community LIED about their abilities, my abilities and who I am as a person. Bullshido helped push those lies. That defamation should never happen to any human being. We survive off of our rightful reputations, our accurate resumes and our accurate grades and credentials. That’s how careers are built and we live off those. It’s called making a living. It is not wrong to make a living and it is wrong to stop someone from doing so.

Now, MANY lives are fucked up in the trail of destruction that followed these LIES. You could argue that the entire country is fucked up from the shit I had to do to rebuild. Never do anything like that again.