Small circle jiu jitsu?

Have any of you guys done SSJJ, if so is it any good?

Aesopian said this about Small Circle JJ:

I think SCJJ is meant to be added to Judo etc

You can add any art as a supplement, but you need to have a base to work from. Wrestling, Judo, BJJ, savate, MT, boxing… You aren’t going to turn into a super secret ninja fighting in invitation-only kumite by studying the stupid shit. Gross movements win fights.

(pic for funsies, made ya look!)

Nothing stopping you wrist locking fools in big circle jujitsu. Just don’t be a spaz about it.

I muck around with it a bit.

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I’ve read Wally Jay’s book. It’s just sort of a way to get more leverage. Pretty standard Japanese Jujutsu for the most part. Is Wally Jay still alive?

Oh, no. He died in 2011.

I’ve been to two seminars. If you are an old dude (RIP now) who is good at small joint manipulations, and can get people to pull your finger, it’s good.

There is probably some useful stuff in there, but it’s not worth the effort, IMO.

I had Wally Jay’s book and gave it away decades ago. I had actually forgotten I ever read it.