Sifu Martin Brogaard Reckons He Did Muay Thai And BJJ And Wing Chun Is Better

Bro, here is the transcript:

It’s just an idea where you’re saying at the moment you step forward if you’re standing here you say 1,2 the hit/head (? he points to his head but the subtitles say “hit”) now this hand is the one that leads bam I put myself in a stronger base of support I’m moving forward I turn it’s just a turn of the body where you’re leaving the knee in within with it bam bam so you’re just getting here bam bam strike

Fucking nonsense.

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What do you know about Bando? (Pronoun-ced: “Bawndo”)

This is one of the Burmese TMA heralded by a lot of nutcases. Not much exposure here at BS…but these are the guys who run places like, along with a lot of other dead handed people who train poorly.

Like every Ninjer ever, and most TKD llamas who break crap, trying to impress (sucker) you, like this guy:

Just starting with this one image.

Here is some old school footage (awesome, but bad).

Fast forward to 2020 (don’t judge these guys, it’s not their fault).

And then 2024, when I noticed your shitty Wing Chun guy looks a lot like the shitty Bawn-do guys.

If I told you the only other person to discuss this are on BS, you wouldn’t believe me. He’s a bit of a nutcase himself. He would agree with that, but I’m personally worried about him (based on his crazy Facebook posts).

Hint, he’s one of the OG Dog Brothers. You know, the kind few feel comfortable confronting online or in person.

I am not that guy. I’m this Guy.

Master of South Shaolin. Jujutsu love doll, just don’t make me angry. Wing Chun students are like chum to me, music for cleaning chimneys and basements.

Seriously though, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend of this kind of douchebag doubling down on trying to establish Wing Chun dominance. We’ve seen it on for over 20 years.

The whole Internet created the potential for fantasy zones beyond belief. Beyond the boundaries of Fantasia. I’ve visited them all. I’ve plowed the deepest fathoms of Wing Chun. Forget about it.

So when I say “I see you, Battlefields”, he knows it.

I’ll carry him myself, not only through the gates of Valhalla, but to conquer it.

@W.Rabbit , shouldn’t you recuse yourself, from making statements about martial arts, or carefully disclaim, that you are a novice, or a duffer, on same, when you do?
As you are an “academic”, now…
Can’t you be content, to be an expert, with an actual credential, and real expertise, in social engineering and misinformation exploits?
And be content, to disclaim, where you are not an expert?

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I can’t decide if Dr. Gonzo is funnier or W Rabbit.

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I’d whoop his ass on camera. That’s what important.

The ability to be funny is one thing.
Other things, are other things.

Sure, if you paid me or a charity enough.
Otherwise, 1 in 10,000 trials?
Yeah, Dumb and Dumber, I am saying you have a chance.
Much like the probability engine from Douglas Adams.
Although, I would also say, and I say this plainly,
I don’t want to hurt you,
and I have nothing to gain by it.
Your weird mental state(s) aside,
neither do you.

That being said, the exaggerated claims, or mental benders, of Rabbit, claiming he has expertise, where he doesn’t, is gauche.
He is an expert in social engineering, and misinformation exploits, and is credentialed, there, by experience, and degree(s).

Whatever you say Dr. Gonzo. I thought the part where W Rabbit said he could bench press 400 pounds and stand on one toe for 20 minutes was fucking awesome.

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As you like.
I raise my glass, and say cheers, to frivolity.

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Seriously, the similarity between Wing Chun and Bando is so clear to me now.

@Battlefields and @PDA get this because nothing irks an experienced combat sports enthusiast more than seeing people put gear on and hit softer, and write essays.

I pity people who don’t have friends that will just let them leap on them until Festivus is won.

This is why no gi was invented, and why in Immer Mongolia, just feathers and underoos are the required uniform for wrestling.

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I’m kinda lost as to what happened here.

And did I read that right, Rabbit wants to carry me through Valhalla so I can conquer it?

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Maybe I already have.

The heroes of the Eddas are the humans.
And only one God / Giant, and that was Loki.
Mainly because Loki ended the age of Giants, and Gods, and monsters.
Except for the few, which were allowed to remain,
in that version of the tale,
which in other tales,
were collectively called Hope.


I get it, I have conquered Valhalla.

My 4% Viking blood is proud of me.

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If you can’t stand, you can’t do war.

And i think these sort of focuses of non traditional training changes the traditional beliefs of training and fighters.

Like you will not rise to the occasion.

Or the really fun one its the figjter not the system.

But they hinge on the training just not working. Athletic aggressive guys tend to be better in a group of novices.

And so after training The same athletic aggressive guys tent to be better.

What does that say about your training?

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He applies that here all the time, too!

He’s had a man-crush on you for a long, long, time.

We talking MCU now ?