Sharing my personal experience in martial arts

How are you with spider web mechanics?

that is more choreographed than a lion dance

When I’ve done that, you will all witness the power of the tanden engine


I just wish they would put Makoto in Street Fighter 6

I wouldnt be shocked if shes eventually in.

Im genuinely surprised Bosch didnt end up on the roster, and I think he may well down the line

Is this some nonsense about feeling the vibrations through your chi sau?

10th Planet nomenclature for the armbar pinning position.

How are you.with tensor physics? I have to be careful, I’m famous for getting slowed down and banned for my ideas. I’m too smart you know.

We can bullshit about fisticuffs all day long, but my interests lie in the area of applying spider web resiience and communities and communication to defend the public trust.

In the end, you’re Wilbur, I’m Charlotte, and the rest of the barnyard can fuck off.

(redacted) 12

You are fascinated by social engineering, misinformation, and the ability to commit exploits off of low skillset absence of rules of engagement, combined with common human social vulnerabilities.
Which would be OK, except…
You are no longer 12 years old, and never developed wisdom, even if you are average intelligence, or a point or two above, you are not average, in wisdom, and twice as deficient there.

Track and field is a more useful self-defense art.
And situational awareness, trumps that.

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You want to know a great martial art? Sump pump maintenance.

My corrugated (that’s Latin for “wavy”) sump well has 5 levels written on it, in my hand. 1 for each DEFCON level.

We hit DC1 earlier today (again) but are now holding at DC3, goddamit, zulu-4

That well is surrounded by years of sorrow, hence the 2000W inverter with 12V battery cold standby. Who needs gasoline, when I have cold chemical energy. OOrah.

It might sound crazy, but I think pumping water is the crème fraîche of war.

Seriously this is my sump well if I don’t keep fire watch for at least another 2 hours.


I’ve got this shit, straight out of Colonial Williamsburg, to keep me going. 51g of added sugar. 105% on the glucose reactor.

It’s all fuel.

We must remember that true wing chun internal power is transmitted by thrusting force. This force is measured by dragon pole thrusting level. My pole level is currently at a 7.5 so I likely have greater wing chun thrusting than the op.

This sort of thing will only impress the Wing Chun Mafia at MartialTalk. They will write essays about it. Just try not to talk too loud or miss an opportunity to jerk someone off.

Seriously, as Bullshido’s resident Southern kung fu expert, I can safely say Wing Chun is for pussies, and can’t be trusted without a solid background in wrestling or grappling. Then it’s pretty hot.

Why do people always assume that the victim outruns the attacker?

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Anyone with an even basic understanding of predatory behavior knows the truth.

Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the kitten gets the steak.