SCAM company warning for the community

I just wanted to warn the community about this store. I ordered two defensive markers as a gift for a martial arts teacher back in December, and I have not received my product. I sent three emails (to two listed emails, too) and have been ghosted.

After googling around, this seems to be a pattern.

Please don’t waste your money with this snake, and spread the word so others don’t get their money stolen either. I’ll be posting this on as many other topical forums as I can find.


From the site -

***Disclaimer - At this time we are running at a lead time of 6-8 weeks turn around time. each item is made to order and takes time.


There is no excuse not to return an email. So’s you know, we used to use regular dry erase markers by the package for much less than one of these.

Good luck.


thanks for the reply. i have left messages on his instagram and been blocked. evidence of other scammed customers is being scrubbed from the internet.

i ordered this back in december - “lead time” is long past. plus there were several polite emails (3 total) in between until i got fed up and decided to give my honest testimonial of my experience

have a great weekend all