Royce Gracie Has Converted to Islam

I can’t tell if Royce Gracie is senile or it’s a marketing gimmick. Hopefully it’s just a marketing gimmick.

There is always an nth way.

In this case, Royce stepped in it by supporting Jews on Instagram, and a Muslim friend stepped in to give him a balanced perspective.

It was all very cordial. Asalamu allekum, etc.

The Shahada that Royce took is just a simple oath, not unlike Robocop’s directives.

Good for him, I can’t give up pork. A shark would give up tuna faster.

Woah, just realized something important.

We’ve never seen Bearded Royce. He’s always been so clean shaven.

The spice is about to flow again.

Converted to Islam is code for “I want to move to Dubai and pay no tax”

Let us see Bearded You.

I have so many Bearded Forms.

What’s your pleasure, sir.

Why do they always grow beards? Does it say they have to do so in the Koran?

It really varies on sect and whether they are fundamentalist or not.

For example many American Muslim men do not, unless they are very devout, in which case they’ll often follow the Hadith (lore/rules) about beards in the ancient texts related to Muhammad and other prophets who rocked serious wizard beards.

The Taliban will punish and/or execute you for not growing one.

Oh okay. I really never understood why so many of them had beards. There was this owner of a MMA gym in Afghanistan. He was worried that when the Taliban took over they would do something to him because of his lack of facial hair.

Alot of Muslims have this distinct beard like this guy.

Well the CTE has set in sadly.

Royce does not have CTE.

I havent seen him for a while but I used to see him at least twice a year sometimes more.

He hasnt changed a bit since the first time I met him about 15/16 years ago.