Reviving dead martial Arts using the founders books

As we know sadly sometimes martial arts do not long survive the death of the founder.Like for example Bruce Tegner’s self-defense oriented martial art Jukado.I have his book “Bruce Tegner’s Complete Book of Jukado : Self defense”. So my question is what kind of advice can you give some one who wants to revive and teach the late Bruce Tegner’s art of Jukado?

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Prima Posta.

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Ahhh…ok I get it now.


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Play Judo instead


Don’t bother. Bruce Tegner didn’t know how to fight. He was trying to make a living.

He was barely OK at Judo by modern standards.

If you are not truly expert at Judo, you won’t even be able to do the stuff Bruce has in that and many other of his books.

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Well. Studying and doing it is one thing. Teaching it might create copyright issues(?). Which problem are we tackling here?

I’m reviving an art that combines Aiki Jujutsu, Judo, and Omyudo.

It’s called Okido.

It’s a way of life that strives to cultivate life force to empower users to accept forces beyond their control.

Okido Ki.


There are no copywrite issues. He’s dead, and his … method(s) are dead.

That’s fucking brilliant, well done!

You might want to get a ™ and a (c) on that one!

Where do I sign up, Sensei?