Remixing a cover of a song while the original song is still going

I think it is cringe.

Because of course Facebook has an algorithm that as soon as I look at one thing. I get everything related to it. This popped up on my feed.

I realise that is what happens. But it is a bit predatory to jump on a song that quickly.

You’re supposed to wait til people want it.

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At least give the original artist some time to make money off it.

Oh, hes got bags for days at this point.

Oh no:

I feel like i should be a cover at this point.

He’s talking about dont divide us by color, but hes setting white people back like 30 years with those rhymes.

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Yeah. I haven’t listened through any of them. I just like the idea all these guys are obviously trying to look blue collar.

And then all thinking they invented that idea.

I just assumed everyone would have taken the song and made it about themselves.

Listen to them. Theyre AWFUL.


The Beastie Boys waited like 15 years to remix Led Zeppelin tunes.

That should be the standard.

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Yeah he has really changed the tone of the song from average guys kind of get a hard time. To I should probably be on a watch list.

Everyones on a watch list Greg. There are watch lists of people who make watch lists and then the people who made THOSE watch lists are on a watch list.

I just realised i could have titled this remixes north of richmond. And that would have been awesome.