Realistic knife defence demonstrations against 100% resistance. Combat sports based
Hey. I’m from Israel and we have been suffering from a lot of knife terror attacks lately.
I thought about the subject deeply and watched and tried almost every technique video with more than 1000 views and in almost all of the languages. then I combined my former knowledge (Former Israeli national judo youth champ) and my hobby (watching mma fights, judo and wrestling) to produce this video. it contains examples from real fights and combat sports for the majority of the techniques, and a demonstration against 100% resistance. I personally think that it’s objectively the best video on the subject on the internet.

Have you ever been in a knife fight?

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My guess would be no.

Watched part of the video. Not trying to troll you and see you’ve put in a lot of work.

Your partner knows very little about knife attacks. As such you can hardly practice realistic defenses. Nice work for the most part controlling the knife hand as practiced.

The average terrorist knows very little about knife attack as well. in each and every knife terror attack I’ve seen so far, they are just crazed under adrenaline and try to stick the knife as hard as they can, usually with an icepick grip from above, or with a regular grip from beneath. This non technical method is pretty effective at killing people pretty fast. I’ve never seen a terrorist “fencing” or something like that.

I’ll make more demonstrations in the summer against much bigger and stronger people, also bigger and stronger than me, to show what the realistic chances are in different scenarios of difference (technical and physical) between the attacker and the defender.

Osiris- I’ve never been in a knife fight though I was once threatened with knives and just ran away. But in the case of terror attacks it’s not always possible, for example if little kids are nearby.

If you have experience and techniques which work and are not shown in the video- please post them so we can all learn. I’ll add them to the next video. If you think that something there is bullshit, then point to the minute and explain why/ suggest improvements.

It’s ALL bullshit. A knife attack happens like this.

You see a guy attacking you or someone else and eat the blows, then set about your defense. The guy is running away and on to the next person at this point and then you realize that there’s blood EVERYWHERE. Oh shit, your or someone else has been stabbed. Can you train knives? Sure. I love kali and such But in my experience, an entire team of dudes isn’t gonna stop a knifeman until after people have been severely injured.

I’m a bouncer and street fighter. One time like 7 got dropped in one stabbing. 3 at another location. Another time I intervened in a fist fight and realize the person I grabbed was full of holes. No knife seen and the attacker escaped.

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I have been in a knife fight. Been in a few actually.

This is the only one that made the papers. And technically they were scissors.

He stabbed a friend of mine so we bashed him.

But get this. His name was Bruno Bastard.

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5 times in the sternum.

Hopefully each one caught on that keel bone.

Fucking shame, anyway.

I hope he / she recovered quickly.

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