Real Reason for Bullshido

I am assuming everyone is tired of Bullshido. I am going to ask a question why cant someone become a paid Bullshido hunter. I don’t find it amusing to teach women’s self defense Bullshido and Children Bullshido. I am a traveling martial artist I want to show what is the real problem with Bullshido. If the question is why don’t you do it then I must respectfully tell everyone I am going by the real budo code I never own money.


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Oh god, this is your first post?

Anyway, I’ll happily become a paid Bullshido hunter.

What’s the salary?

How often does it require me to dojo storm? Or can I just heckle?

Who chooses who to hunt?

Where do I send my resume?

I think the real problem here is that martial arts are stupid and no one should be taking them seriously.


Prima Posta.

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I for one support your noble quest.

Not enough to give you money but I most certainly look forward to watching videos of your endeavours.

Good luck and do not forget that before your point a finger at somebody else that you yourself must not suck .

When I run for the presidency, my platform will be to legalize dojo storming.

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I believe you are mistaken

All art sucks

Especially statues with no arms