Rashguard Design Opinion

Hey guys. I’d love your opinion on something.

I’m desiging some BJJ rashguards (none of which are for sale btw, this is purely a research-based question).

I’d love your opinion on which of these designs you prefer (if any)?

It won’t let me post a pic so please see my google sheet (no need to fill it out) - Designs

Or any thoughts / feelings / desires / anything you wish BJJ rashguard suppliers would design. I’d love your collective thoughts.

Any feedback would be amazing. Whether you flatter me or break my heart, I want to hear it all and know about what makes YOU excited when buying fightwear/training gear.

Thanks a million!!


Personal preference for longer rashies, in the body. Theyre often sold to both male and female and the shorter ones just ride up to high.

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Those of us with ferret-like torsos appreciate them too.

Weasel War Dance, if you invoke the Ferret-Weasel Clan.
Biceps wont help you here, you Frank Burns, chin and lip motherfucker.
Weasel war dance, bring it.
Don’t make me tube-fu on you, now.
Weasel-War Dance.
Not to mention poop your weight competitions.
Weasel War Dance, and Ferret Fu, and Poo!
I’ll steal and horde your socks, motherfucker, and No, you will not get mine, because those are my socks, for my sock hoarding place.
On a slightly separate species note, every year, the otters clean my pond of turtles.
They gamble over, and turn the turtles, on their backs, crack their belly shells with a rock, and then eat them.
Weasel war dance.
And then they gamble, off, to the next pond.

I would wear a rashguard with a ferret on it that said “show me your war dance”.

Meerkatsu is a whole-ass brand, but I don’t think that’s a reference to how the clothing is cut.

None of their rashguard designs feature meerkats from what I could see on their website unfortunately.