Raise your glass, to @hungryjoe. Here yesterday, gone today

Raise your glass, to @hungryjoe.

Here yesterday, gone today.

Raises Glass.

Happy Hungry Grounds, and may your remains feed the worms, that feed the grass.

Star dust, all of you.

And Star light, before, again, and also marvelous other iterations.


Wow thats very sad RIP @hungryjoe


I will have one in his honor this evening.

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I’m about to pour one out.

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@Dr.Gonzo, are you at liberty to share what happened?

I sensed it.

Shit. That’s a shame. I wish his family well and all the best wherever he may end up.

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Fuck it. I was put here to post this.

After I have good cry with my therapist and at least half a dozen other Marines (still alive)…wait for it.

Crayons and ammo.


Well damn, we talked quite a bit in messages over the years.

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That fucking sucks. Used to chat to him regularly. RIP brother.

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Joe was fighting an uphill battle with inoperable brain cancer, and later with necrotizing pneumonia. He gave his all, and missed being here with the rest of you. Thanks for the kind words, I will pass along to his family.


Damn, that’s rough.

Thank you, please do.

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as someone who’se seen that first one, pass on my love and condolences

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Just saw this. Condolences.

Semper Fi.

My condolences to his family and friends.