Police Killing vs. Police Training: a Discussion in Two Pictures

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This is good info. You have a statistically insignificant chance of being killed by a cop in the US, in spite of the comparative lack of training. Dollars already saved. Defund moar!


Our citizenry has more firearms than all of those countries combined.

Less than 35/10,000,000.

We probably have a good 100,000,000 firearms collectively.

Some of those countries have unarmed police. Were they bludgeoned to death?

How many cops killed already this year?

I’d like to see the actual reports backed by numbers from other sources. Busy at the moment though and for the foreseeable future (couple of weeks).

I think the conservative estimate is over 300 million firearms. I don’t have a source for that at hand.

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Slackers. We need more gunz.

Not sure how that directly relates to police-involved shooting deaths. I’m sure Rabbit will be along, shortly, to assplain it.

List of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in the United States - Wikipedia.

So, expanding that, let’s just call it 250 out of 800,000 officers KIA.

It doesn’t. Just my take since the push is now to defund the police.

Defund is a completely retarded and ignorant idea, in view of the graphs provided. Training hours = dollars spent not on actual policing.

It’s only May.

Rounding error, and/or hope for a better future.

For this-

But it’s all about race. Fuck that.

At least they have a token black dude:

The Institute for Criminal Justice Training Reform.

Tell me. Since we’re discussing the team, does Wanda not remind you of Alfred E. Newman?

Not that appearances matter, except when they do, but I’m convinced they left her neck somewhere and forgot to tell her.

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Yes mods. The above was a complete sentence.