Phil Elmore is back on the net and making claims

So, recently I was sent a video from Phil Elmore, in which Phil was explaining he actually holds a dan rank in his instructor’s system, as well as instructor certification in that system. I went ahead and contacted his old Sifu’s/Guro’s son-who currently operates the schools and heads the system, asking if Phil was indeed a dan rank or black belt, and if he held an instructor’s certification: This was his reply:

Hello sir, I’m Guro Dan Donzella’s son.

Phil Elmore did study under my father for a few years.

It was quite some time ago but don’t recall time frame

So no, Dan Donzella’s system/schools do not have either an active black belt/dan ranking nor valid instructor’s ranking for Mr. Phil Elmore. I doubt, his having only trained with Guro Donzella for a few years he ever had one–as it apparently takes a decade to earn dan rank in the system. Schools rarely keep gup/ku students records over many years, but I’ve never seen one that doesn’t have a list of the people promoted to black belt, and especially those given instructor certification. Phil’s very philosophy of being a “martialist” (not a martial artist) is that ordinary people can defend themselves. Well, the point seems to be that the ordinary person, who doesn’t train, doesn’t exercise, and doesn’t take care of themselves CAN’T defend themselves against a normal agressor, and we see this all the time.

So today 9/9/2023 I was viewing Larsen Halleck’s podcast and various comments were discussing the many b.s. martial artists he’d done documentaries on, when Phil got mentioned, he said he had done a video about Elmore back several years ago, and he had to pull it because Phil Elmore threatened to sue him for it; so Phil, who loves to lambast people like Ashida Kim for their legal flailings of anyone who says something they don’t like—does exactly the same kind of behavior.
He keeps failing hilariously…hail the ground dwelling sloth mammal.

Who did Phil know at the academy?

This person is desperate to be relevant to someone, somewhere, so the most effective thing we can do to deal with him is join the rest of humanity in not giving a shit.

If it wasn’t for the fact that people occasionally bring him up as a subject of nostalgic mockery, nobody outside of his personal life would be aware he exists.

And that’s for the best.

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Good to hear from you Phrost! Well said.

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Im surprised he survived covid.


The only reason I mentioned him was he famously stated he never had any credentials, then suddenly appears with a homemade wooden sign and claiming he not only has a dan ranking, but an instructor’s certification as well–from a dead man–and so I simply checked on his claims, because stealing status from a dead instructor is disgusting.


10/28/23 update: The ground-dwelling sloth mammal was on this discussion panel and claiming again that he holds instructor certification and a Black Belt: Let’s see those documents Phil…