ONEFC watchers?

Does anyone watch ONEFC?

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Prima Posta!


Highlights? Yes. If my friends are fighting? Yes.

Otherwise, no.

Not saying I wouldn’t, just that I am already consuming hours on hours of fight sports per month already, from events online or in person, plus tutorials, it would be a fucking struggle to fit anymore in.

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There is just so much of it now I have to be picky.

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I want to watch more Bellator, but at the same time I am missing out on my own local shows on the UFC app that often have friends or at least people I know.

While I’m not overly ecstatic about the minor monopoly the UFC app has on the fight game, I do like what I am provided with, breadth and depth.

Fucking hell, turns out that Bellator is screened live and on demand for free on an Australian commercial TV station’s app. So OneFC has been relegated even further down the list.

Found this out just after posting that I wanted to watch Bellator here, @Phrost, wanna tell us anything about the Bullshido algorithm?!?!?! Just kidding.


Although Gordon Ryan vs Shinya Aoki has to be priority.

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