On Remaining Unbiased in the Age of Bullshit

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The media needs to stop catering to both confirmation bias and the temper-tantrums of those who abuse it.

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It’s all driven by economics.

Good read, but I still don’t want to know what “all the Qanon thing” is about. The world is scary enough knowing people can go flat earthers.

Qanon is the greatest trolljob in history, imo. Alt-right wasn’t scary enough, so they invented Qanon.

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It would be delightful (if it has not escaped control by the original creators).

It was originally a joke on 4chan, but people started taking the kayfabe seriously and it became an actual movement, like an unholy combination of the Tea Party and the Satanic Panic.

Number one, listen and be open to opinions and reports that do not reinforce your own beliefs. This is the first step in avoiding confirmation bias.

Directly related to this, avoid echo chambers. Do not surround yourself with people who all agree with you.


Media catering to tabloid bias for eyeballs is one artifact.
Biases, taken on their own, can be useful or not.
More complicated, than a bullet point, tabloid, style headline.

Agree with you agree with you agree with you agree with you…