Nobody really trains against getting slapped

Dudes don’t really train against getting slapped. Hook punches aren’t the same thing as getting slapped upside the head. You could dodge punches all day then go home and get slapped up by your mom.

I’m saying this because most people seem to go right to their primal response when they get slapped. It’s a blind spot. My first instinct is to slap someone right back and that’s predictable. It might be something someone could exploit.


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If your mum decided to hit you with a hook instead, do you think you would be able to evade it any better than a slap?

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A slap comes up somewhere between a hook and an uppercut. No telegraph because there’s no significant power necessary. You aren’t in a stance. Your mom just called you out for the beat off sock under your bed so you are distracted and ashamed and a little sad. You get slapped. THEN she ducks and punches you in the balls.

IMO the slap is effective because it is usually delivered by surprise whilst the target is unprepared

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It also comes from someone standing in a natural upright stance. The person slapping doesn’t have to move his or her head or torso at all to slap you.

What’s the difference between a palm strike and a slap?

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Does it make the head move more? Because physics or something?

“What’s the difference…”

So many things. Like fifty things or more. All the things. More things than all the things in the thing.

I don’t know. Do both in the mirror. Write an essay on each one.

You guys are lame.

A. Palm strikes are for fighting. Slaps are for the bedroom.


Knocking some dude out with a slap is pretty boss though.


Worth experimenting


Slaps are definitely when you want to humiliate rather than injure

Less chance of injury to the hand also

Does the law treat a slap differently to a punch?

you can use both in the bedroom or the cage… same with fingerblasting and the swan technique

honk honk mother fuckers

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I’m thinking of it as a distraction. Just a place holder. It gets there fast. By the time it makes contact your first big punch is half-way there. I’m not sure a slap is as good for this as a quick jab though. It’s a different angle. I’d need to spend some time working out some combos on your mother. Maybe eat some Combos.

Y’all obviously never learned to cup an ear.

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That technique is too deadly to spar

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Here definitely as we have these king hit laws that send you to jail forever.

So a slap is more a Princess hit?

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I know there are Kung Fu strikes that are basically slaps. Wing Chun punches can feel like slaps. What about that thing your uncle does where he hits your funny bone with his knuckle? Noogies? Indian Burns? What will MMA incorporate in the world of tomorrow?