No, NOT Without your Justice

I’m leaving. I have a job to do. One of our members absolutely will not go without his justice. I know how that feels and I intend to deliver it.


And I recommend never again entertaining the whims of small, evil men, no matter how famous they are. You have no idea what you’ve started. And this shit is NOT about that fucking belt anymore.

^ Neo Nazi song linked to the Proud Boys spouting off white supremacy bullshit.

This fat, angry douchebag

Led to this PB slogan

The song is a a rip off of my favorite whaling shanty.

The comments sections on that song are so full of passive aggressive Jewish hate.

The one you posted actually has comments disabled. As if it prevents the Nazis from posting Nazi shit on all the other copies.

My favourite shanty.

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I know. You didn’t translate the rest of the thread though, I noticed. You know where I’m going and it ain’t fucking telaviv.

Four dead trans, countless dead children, about 50 dead innocent Muslims. My friends almost killed, my then wife almost killed, Epsteins people coming around. Fuck all that. I’m stepping off the porch.

And frankly the children that died are the lucky ones, given what theyre doing. There WILL be justice. Is there something I have wrong? Should I let these men go? If so, explain why. Cause this looks like a whole pedo, and if I’m gonna fash out, which I’ve been called out on multiple times, I may as well get the job done right and for good.

I went deep, but bought or downloaded nothing from them, despite clear salesmen. Yeah, we running down on them like Hitlers back.

The member involved with this project believes he deserves justice. I agree.

Whats an onion enjoyer? @W.Rabbit

What is there to enjoy on the onion? Drugs? Yeah… sure. I can get drugs anywhere with no issue. Dont need an onion router for that. So don’t portray me as the bad guy here. You suggested an assignment, I understand the assignment. If you’d like to cancel, you still can.

If you want victims with no penalty, you picked the wrong guy. If you want an avenger thats not going to wage total war, you picked the wrong guy. I see no reason to let these people escape.

And I have so much more data on this. What was up with the dog thing with the babies?

Remember? I’m evil. I walk through riots with a gang of nazis “like a serial killer” according to you. And you think the pedos will be the ones to escape? Nah… You deliberately led me to a den of pedophiles with a wink and a nod and unless you cancel, I’m going in. Even if you do cancel, I may still crash out. What do you mean “dog”? What do you mean “perished horribly”? Nothing and no one escapes this, unless you have a damn good reason that that should be the case. Like, it better be Atlas himself responsible and even then, I may just go full send.

EDIT: I’m an idiot. Its reverse psychology. Fine, I’ll handle these pedos. You don’t have to be a dick though. You already de/reprogrammed me. All you had to say was kids were being raped by dogs and I’d have reported for duty without fuss.

There is a Kiwi Farms joke in here.

The joke is on AprilRains.

Oh my.

This is great. We have a mass shooting failing so bad that dude is trying to call the cops on himself. Anyways, I suspect we’ll be hearing from the JTTF soon. They’re gonna be so thrilled we’re throwing down over pdf files and karate belts.