New Yorks Times covering Fight Sports Sex Predator story


Nice, about time…


Wow…just wow…

Hopefully this will have significant, positive impact on the issue(s) involved.

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Meanwhile, the IBJJF just posted this:

Maybe @Osiris is on to something.

Apparently we need moar transgender folks, in the BJJ community.
Not enough cancel culture, in our ranks, currently, when it counts.

Literally just published our own piece about this, specifically referencing how the media-at-large doesn’t cover the issue because martial arts isn’t taken very seriously by the public.

Happy to eat crow in this case; whatever reduces the number of victims.


I am not in many ways a fan of the New York Times,
but in the first place, as Senator Barnabas advised a young Julius Caesar, if a pirate has what you need, do business with them,
And in the second place, the New York Times was and is ideally positioned to investigate this story, and matter across several countries,
and the fact that they were willing to, is worthy of praise.
So good on them, and thank I them, for that.

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I think the root of the problem with the NYT is they have poor leadership at the top and are obviously trying to have it three different ways being the “paper of record”, and adapt to the fact that nobody reads newspapers anymore, and bring in a younger readership—many of which are interested in social justice.

If there was no profit consideration necessary, they’d suck less.

It’s complicated, that is for sure.
Where is the news, where did it go?
That statement to the contrary, the NYT still does put out some news.
Sometimes they do amazing work.
Sometimes, the rust, or fungus, that has got the rest of them, seems to have got them too,
and op eds are presented as if they were news stories.
I tend to think that it is ownership culture bias or succumbing to what drives eyeball share, but what do I know.
I am not a writer for those pubs, nor an editor for those pubs, etc.
So, anything I speculate there is just couch quarter back bullshit, as if.

The Guardian’s reporting is leagues better and more consistent, and they’re funded by an established trust, so they’re less-beholden to political interests.

Kind of like us, except the trust is my credit cards and a handful of contributing memberships.

I have enjoyed some of the Guardian’s work.

I’m going to repeat, which knucklehead at the IBJJF, decided to make that fucking post, now?
That is some real Timmy shit, there.

I have said it before, I am not sure that all these “belt ranks” and “martial arts” traditions, do not do more harm, than good.
If the net result is people not questioning, questionable authority figures, and not calling bullshit, where there is bullshit,
and running sex predator or financial scams,
then all that martial arts crap traditions and larping, should have been chucked.
Are we raising vikings that think for themselves,
or sheep, that line up to be slaughtered, on command?
I’d rather have people who tell me to fuck off and think for themselves, under my lineage,
and will be able to stand on their own two feet after I was gone,
than the reverse, myself.

They’re pro rape for properly prestigious parties.

That was either a helluva of a coincidence, or…

Its the most highly regulated BJJ org in the world.

Stop making sense.
That just makes all the Karen’s on the site look bad.

I declared war on the IBJJF for a reason. They are not legit and I don’t like how they move. Not a single organization I fuck with moves that way. If I raped a kid in REDACTED, I’d be killed. If I did it in REDACTED, I’d be killed. Same if I did it in REDACTED. All civilized people will actually get you outta there if you do shit like this. You can’t move like this IN JAIL.

Even some of the motorcycle clubs hate pedophiles.

Some? Most. You can’t do that unless you wanna, um “be hated”.