New year, new gear

Note to all: Bullshido will be going through some technical hurdles over the next several days. Ideally, these changes will be transparent to you, the site membership and lurkers. But, in case we’re offline for any extended amount of time, in any capacity, know that we will be back, and this is to improve everyone’s experience.

Thank you for your continued support and participation, even and especially the shitheads.



gear up arnold schwarzenegger GIF

Dude, you kinda accidentally shared some of your porn with us…

That’s a training video.

Oh, so now @Phrost trains now?

Phrost never stopped training for actual martial arts—you know, the Military.

You missed the joke…


@submessenger also talks about himself in the third person, now.

Oh, I missed that one…

This one finds that one’s egoism amusing.

We’re saved.

That was no accident.

OH, he’s advertising then?

Cruising his own Forums, now we know the real story…

A ran, A rock, whatever it takes.

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