Murder Mystery Date Night

So here I am folks, staring at what to me is a very strong theory for a case of premeditated capital murder disguised to look like a suicide.

As a senior forensics investigator with over 20 years of experience NOT getting it from CSI or NCIS (mom was a Criminal Minds fan), I have a conundrum.

This case may involve family. It may involve a social media influencer with 65M likes because said potential psychopath owns a therapy pet that became an overnight sensation, and he may well get away with murdering his wife of about 2 decades after a nasty few years.

I’d like to drop some flags, bits of information that I have already verified or at least put in my handy little notebook. Rip it apart, throw rocks, shit all over it.

Just keep in mind I can only be killed by death.

I figure it’ll be a fun game for some, it’s serious for me. Ruined Mrs. Rabbit’s 47th birthday. Date night. Wept in my arms. So, vendetta.


No personal information is to to be shared. Just the facts.

Exhibit 1: First contact. Armed security detail at the funeral home, with strict orders that family and friends (100+) are not allowed to speak.

Victim’s father has to read a prepared speech in the parking lot to the crowd, because he’s not allowed to speak about his dead child inside the home.

Husband’s orders. Keep in mind, up to a dozen private security dressed as mourners. These accompany him across state lines to bury the body in a family plot (hers).

Exhibit #2: Case file details. Deceased found exsanguinated at home due to lacerations from a utility knife.

Victim is female, middle age.

Allegations of years of domestic mental abuse by husband, according to numerous family and friends.

Deceased prohibited from having any social media presence by husband.

Deceased has a family history of suicide.

Exhibit #3: Legal/finance notes: deceased and widower completed legal separation papers the day before the death.

7 figure real estate property taken off the market day of death, after widower appears to make a large financial transfer to his personal account, possibly from previously shared accounts with the deceased.

Deceased’s retirement account apparently forfeited due to suicide policy, but net capital gain is all approximately upwards of 2.5M depending on future real estate prices.

Exhibit #4: AV recordings.

Husband installed security cameras through the house. Has told people he has video of deceased retrieving utility knife from kitchen.

No video of actual suicide.

No prior known history of self harm. Prior treatment, prescriptions for depression.

Bullshit moment: father and family of deceased rush to house on the day of the death.

Husband calls cops on father and crew in supposed fear of his life, who prevent them from entering.

Father is in his 80s. Father and family do not see the body until burial, 3 days later.

Exhibit #5: personal observation.

Crying without tears. That’s a neat trick. Saw it several times today. Nothing triggers a Thespian Officer more than a bad crying scene.

Guilty people sometimes shake instead of crying actual tears at a funeral, because sadness and guilt work on your brain differently. Nervous fear, instead of sorrow.

Your mother killed herself last week, with a blade. But you don’t cry while they pile dirt on her coffin.

The story of which child found the body keeps changing.

Exhibit #6: Surveillance notes

$2.3M estate in NY. Husband kept the place full of security cameras. By the time detectives start asking for footage, all but 2 cameras have vanished.

According to sources, ME report was inconclusive as to whether wounds were self-inflicted, toxicology is still outstanding. Violent self exsanguination is ultra rare to begin with, even more for women, and these findings add credence to a potential wrongful death.

At least on GoFundMe, the deceased’s name has been changed to support the children, vs. the father, in the form of a trust. The husband gets nothing, because he’s suspected of wrongdoing by over a hundred people.

Husband is living it up on social media though, farming hearts. He posted a “tragic news” video of him announcing his wife’s suicide while he grooms himself in front of the mirror. A hundred thousand likes.

This type of online personality cannot be directly engaged.

Case remains open. Reminder: all of this actually happened last month.

Creepy similarities to this case. “Help, my boyfiend just stabbed himself in the chest!”. 21 years later, case remains open.