Multiracial Whiteness and White Supremacy

It would appear you no longer need to be white to be white, or a white supremacist.

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Jan 4th - Proud Boys token formal leader arrested on vandalism and weapons charges.

Jan 6th - Capitol breached by the Proud Boys.

I don’t think WASPs have ever had a monopoly on Facism

The word itself is Italian, and we Italians, especially in the south, are quite brown

Spainiards, also early adopters of Facist politics, are decidedly swarthy

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Dude… if as a Moroccan Syrian blend I am “white” you are definitely white. Though, being that my family came from Africa 150+ years ago. I’m not sure why I can’t put down African American on employment applications. It feels very racist.

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You don’t have to take that shit brother!

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“White” and race in general have no fixed definitions. Depending on country, culture, and who you ask person A being race X varies wildly.

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Pretty sure he’s the real leader. Their group is like 20% minority. They just aren’t a hate group. Right wing, yes. The proppganda is getting silly.

Who the real leader is depends on which kind of PB you are, the Murica version or the David Duke one.

“We’re a drinking club with a patriot problem,” Tarrio, the group’s current leader, told CNN. "As Proud Boys, I think our main objective is to defend the West,

Now we know “patriot problem” really meant “insurrectionist problem”, and “defend the West” was code for attack the US Capitol.

Antifa is really no different, organizationally, which is why Director Wray said so. There is no one Antifa, really, these are ideologies. There are many different agendas involved with people who associate with anti-fash. Everything from real communists to labor activists to anarchists to far right wing ultranationalists disguised as Antifa.

Oath Keepers, whatever you want to call them (I’ve forgotten more militia names than I can remember nowadays). What sounds great in the hunting cabin over beers, turns into a train wreck every time.

There are Black Panthers organizing in several state capitols right now. When the Black Panthers show up, shit just got real.

Useful individuals (see sychopahnts) will be accepted into the movement and held up as tokens. But their actions and ideologies are invariably subservient to white supremacy. (See Ngo, Tarrio, Toese et al…) Even the Nazi S.S. had dark skinned muslim divisions.

Always remeber that these people use language as camoflauge. “Acta non verba”. What they do say on the podium and what they do after dark are not mutually exclysive in any way. They would like you to think it is. Thatvis to their adcanyage. That’s the whole point of lying on the first place. But it’s not. And you are mistaken to cede them taht advantage.

This is simple:

If it walks like a Nazi and talks like a Nazi and always hangs out with card carrying, flag waving Nazis…

…wel it ain’t a fucking duck. I think that’s what I’m getting at.

ETA: I would hate to be the last person like Andy Ngo on a planet run by the people he hangs out with.

Also Gavin Mc-whatever the fuck he is, PB founder / Vice magazine empresario isn’t even an American citizen. Dude is British with Canadian papers or something like that.

You’re a cunt if you bow before the crown. Certainly no patriot.