MMA/Martial Arts in London, any gym recommendations before I move?

Hey guys, I’ve experience with a variety of martial arts (BJJ/Boxing/Muay Thai). Currently, I’m wrapping up my B.A and it’s highly likely I’ve got a job offer in London (will find out in the next two weeks or so) so I’m currently making arrangements to move out, obviously finding a good gym is pretty important to me when I’m making my living decisions. Do any of you guys have experience with martial arts in London and which gyms should I be looking at going to? Preferably in the Whitechapel/City of London area but I don’t mind going further afield.


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KO are a fantastic gym. They started out as a Muay Thai gym that eventually added boxing, BJJ and then MMA. As far as I’m aware it’s still predominantly a striking gym but it’s been producing fighters at a decent amateur and professional level for decades. Well worth a look.

Looks good, I’ll check them out. Thanks man!