Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul "Fight" Discussion Thread

Well here’s my take:

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Sanctioned or not I dont trust these fights.

Anderson Silva fight was an obvious work.

I dont share the sentiment that Jake Paul should leave the planet after this fight id be comfortable with him eating through a straw for several months because Tyson decided to go full old school Tyson and smack the shit out of him in the first round which in my opinion he is likely capable of doing.

I don’t want to watch it but I’m going to watch it.

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But I won’t be paying

I haven’t been this fired up since the Ali Eson Gib / Jake Paul weigh in.

Paul is a slight odds favorite not just because of his age but his training. The bookies think this is a 50-50ish thing. Red or Black, all in.

His pro career of 10-0 is a mixed bag but does consist of pro boxers, MMA pros, and a few goofballs.

I think Paul has moves. He definitely puts in hardcore training. But everyone wants to see him fall, because he’s an asshole. I do wish he was a better role model, but let’s face it, that’s rare in boxing. Almost unheard of. Even in the movies.

The only fighter he fought that was worth mentioning was tommy fury. I mean he fought ben askren after a hip replacement.

I don’t know if tyson has the speed to get close in the paul fight, which was a central part of how he fought. He was struggling to catch roy jones in their last fight, and jones isn’t that quick anymore. I think tyson will still have his power, it’s the last thing to go. What worries me is his stamina to go the distance, his ability to close the gap, and his chin isn’t going to be as strong anymore. He’s forgotten more about boxing than paul will every know, he understands the pressure in the ring, and he hits like a sledgehammer, that’s what he has going for him.

On the plus side, Paul is bringing a new young audience to boxing which was at a bit of a low point, that’s a good thing. I’m not a fan of him or his brother though, can’t stand either.

Bullshit. Come the fuck on. Enough of the “but he’s only fought…” crap.

You’re talking about a guy who is literally fighting his way into world heavyweight boxing, successfully.

It doesn’t even matter who wins or loses this fight. I would personally sell half my nuts for a chance to go 1 round with Mike Tyson, and save the other half so I could tell those future kids how I did a round with Tyson.

Again, you don’t have to like either of them, but you also probably wouldn’t survive 1 round with either of them.

10 rounds against Nate Diaz. Win by decision. Do you disagree?

I was thinking about boxing, my bad, and i actually completely forgot about Nate. Although guys like Nate are great fighters, they would be killed in a boxing ring under boxing rules against current pros.

I think Jake Paul would probably beat me up, I think he would do well at a club / amateur level.

Tommy fury isn’t a heavy weight, and Paul struggled, so I don’t know about successfully fighting his way into heavy weight, I think heavy weight boxing pro’s in their prime would give him a hard time. I think the part I struggle with is him thinking he’s the best. Put him against Joshua, Tyson Fury or Usyk and Paul goes home in a bag. I mean he was calling out Canelo, who would also kill him.

So yes Paul is a decent fighter, but I don’t know about pro competing against pro’s. I mean Usyk had 335 amateur fights before he became a pro. Feel like we should compare apples with apples.

If he wants to be a legit pro boxer he should start fighting pro’s in their prime, tommy was a good start. He should also probably stick to lighter weight categories to start.


He’s about to fight Mike Tyson.

It’s on.

Tyson is a retired 57 year old fighter, that doesn’t mean anything against current pros. Even if he beats mike, it still won’t mean he can go toe to toe with current pro’s in their prime.

He’s picked up weight to 230lbs, he should probably cut back down if he wants to fight the pro circuit, it’s not uncommon for boxers to go up in weight class, but they tend to start close to their natural weight and work their way up after multiple fights.

None of what you say makes me think he has a career against pro fighters, I mean if he can why fuck around with retired fighters? Maybe there are some pro’s he can beat, i mean the world is a big place, but he’s focusing on retired guys or guys who have left the sport because they weren’t successful. Like I said tommy is the only one with some credibility, and that was a shit boring fight. I’m sure all these guys would beat me up, but then again I’m not trying to be a pro boxer.

Once again, he is definitely not successfully fighting his way into heavy weight if he’s losing against cruiser weight. There is a reason they have weight categories, go watch Canelo against Dmitry Bivol, going up in class means something.

Because it’s Mike Tyson.

So this could be Mike’s official 45th KO.

Or Paul’s 10th pro win is against Mike Tyson.

Nobody loses. I am absolutely ordering this on PPV, for a huge group of people.

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Yeah i’ll watch it, of course, i even paid for the askren fight.

They’ll both make money, so if both survive it will probably be win win.

Will bring eyes to the sport which is also good.

Still doesn’t make Paul a legit pro. Just calling it as it is, not taking anything away, but also not giving anything not earned.

Yeah, it’s right out of the Dana White playbook - bring in a has-been against an up-and-comer. On the other hand:

If I was betting, I would hedge on props or something. My gut says Tyson prevails.

(edit) and I hope Paul can still hear, after the fight, lol.

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I really hope he does, it will be hard seeing an older mike tyson getting beat up by paul, knowing who tyson was.

Mike Tyson on sharks.

Tonic Immobility. Google it.

There’s a whole “man vs bear” riff involving “The Revenant” here but I’m going to save it until tomorrow. Leo vs. Bear vs. Hardy…sharkin