Just got jumped by six cops

Fought them off til a detective told them to leave me alone. Why? They’d detained me for about an hour and a half over a homicide, which is already illegal, then when they found out I didn’t speak (DON’T TALK TO THE COPS!), they jumped me. Worst day at work EVER. Second worst day of fighting.

Who did you homicide on?

Prima Posta , punk!

Why dont you talk to police?

I mean i get it if you have done something wrong because thats the golden rule but if innocent?

The Golden Rule is to say as little as possible, except for polite greetings, without one’s lawyer present, and in consultation with one’s lawyer, at all times.
Whether guilty or anything, or not guilty of anything.

Certainly as little as possible but that is not zero .

No one. Didn’t do it.

Incorrect. Never talk to the police. I learned this lesson the hard way. I was forced to defend myself against a schizophrenic a couple years ago. She was seeing shit, running around naked and attacking me. She got me by surprise and I was forced to swing on her, taking her out of the fight immediately. Under Mass state law, this is legal. She was quite confused and was rambling about a car accident and ghosts. My dumb ass is like “I punched her”. Now, the video clearly showed it was self defense and that I’d been ambushed. The cops laughed and said “Haha, you thought the video would help you.” Then they used it and my statement, despite no crime being committed by myself, to lock me up for the night and then charge me.

Race and sex were a factor for sure, BUT the officers made it very clear.

I also had another incident where the police drugged me and then made small talk with me about random stuff while they were watching me. I was quite shocked when I got a visit in jail from the FBI. They accused me of all sorts of stuff including attacking Tom Brady at the Super Bowl.

In this scenario, there was A FUCKING STABBING. Knowing what I know about the way police work, no way in hell was I gonna insert myself into THAT case. And if you DIDN’T know not to talk to cops, now you know. Take it as a life lesson, take it seriously and follow it. It can save you serious time. You can easily do three months or even a year or so, JUST FOR OPENING YOUR MOUTH, even if you’re found not guilty or the case is dismiessed.

Fuck that. ZERO. I just gave him blank stares when he asked questions. Where was I?.. And it never got past that. I saved that chicks life, but no good deed goes unpunished, so they can solve the case themselves.

I’m glad to hear it

Another reason to live in Ireland is the Police are sound

Probably just trying to enjoy a succulent chinese meal.

The problem is not with the Police, here or there.
Tesseracts have their own properties.
Individual human behavior resembles a cube.
Add, a dimension, institutionally, any institution will do.
Nursing homes, Schools, Universities, the Police, Governments, Home Owner’s Associations.
And then Tesseract Dynamics come into play, multiplied against the fractal sub domain of Complexity, we spoke about earlier.
Talk about Garlic…
The problem domains then, are not just breaking or unbreaking teacups,
But producing life,
Random Big Bangs, and their reverse,
And series of sets where fair coins land heads so many times in a row, one’s own head spins.
As does one’s own tail, as one chases it.
What would the Red Queen say, about Running in Place.
Or Time, about Time, March Hares, and Mad Hatters.

Nah. Coppers are just constables.

At the individual level, walking a beat, certainly.
Give them harmony, and counter point,
And a country western song,
Becomes Ludwig Van’s own 9th,
And we are all too deaf to hear it.

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That’s how I want to go out

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Gordon is on the wacky backy again

No, just basic complexity mathematics.

Holy shit, time for a new job. My week started with a double stabbing, then I walked into a shooting on Saturday and then someone tried to pull a glock on me on Sunday. This is in addition to a gang beating, and several shoot outs in the area. Its not even summer yet.

So the gunman found me, but no longer wanted to kill me. We just had to talk a bit. The double stabbing turned out to be good career-wise. A senior guard saw how I handled it and is trying to hire me for a bodyguard outfit.

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I can die happy now.

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