Joe Lewis: Karate (but not TaeKwonDo and Muay Thai) got it wrong; key to maximum power in strikes is straightening the supporting leg

I had an instructor that said the only thing a belt is good for is keeping your pants up.

TBH you sound like a narcissist, you keep praising yourself and I’m actually tired of seeing you kick. Not a single one of the clips had me going, wow, this guy knows what he is talking about. The clip you posted saying here is a guard for you, those hands looked so out of place and look so uncomfortable i’d think you are a beginner.

I don’t like putting people down and i don’t like negativity, but you can definitely do with a few doses of humility. The way you type i feel like there might be psychosis at play, and if that is the case, i feel bad, but judging by your posts, you aren’t aware of it.

I also really didn’t like your comment about women, i’m not part of the woke crowd, but that comment is neolithic …

I guess the plus side, it’s nice to click on the MMA and Martial Arts thread and see new posts, you participation would be so much better if you just stopped deifying yourself and kept the topic to style or technique.

That is a terrible definition.
It is like the dictionary used the tabloid, comic book, and television / movie “definition” of black belt.

It is unclear who you are referring to.

I knew you could do it!

Elbows in, chin down

You’d make an ugly woman

Thank you. It was a low kick though.

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In this, the Prima Posta , Joe demonstrates how to thumb fuck a Thai Lady Boy

He is the Gandalf of MA. So much wisdom. Most people just kick and punch and don’t reflect on it.

He did make some innacurate statements, but that’s true of every great thinker.

He claims straightening the supporting leg is easier balance wise, when it’s the complete opposite.

Anybody can try that for themselves.