JK Rowling's house and person being stalked by Trans Movement Demanders

JK Rowling’s house and person being stalked by Trans Movement demanders.

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“I’ve now received so many death threats I could paper the house with them, and I haven’t stopped speaking out,” she wrote in part. “Perhaps — and I’m just throwing this out there – the best way to prove your movement isn’t a threat to women, is to stop stalking, harassing and threatening us.” - JK Rowling


Or not, these days.

Having followed this, some of these death threats could constitute trans teenagers on twitter ranting about how they hate her and wish she was dead. Given the disingenuous nature of the letter she wrote that stirred up the trans related drama around her and how she has painted her own history about being ‘as poor as one could be,’ (despite this being called into question previously) I am simply watching this bizarre saga continue to unfold.

Teen agers are often convicted for violent crimes, including serious assault and murder.
So, teen agers making death threats are just as concerning as adults who make death threats.
Trans women and men seem to have very similar if not identical rates of being prosecuted for committing violent crimes.
Trans males tend to be prosecuted for committing less violent crimes than birth sex type males, but prosecuted for committing more violent crimes than birth sex type females.
Birth sex type males tend to prosecuted for committing more violent crimes than birth sex type females.
And about half the transwomen in the UK prison system were also guilty of a sexual assault ranging from raping women, to sexual assault on children.
So being trans and making a death threat or threat of violence or sexual assault is not a less credible threat, because the author of the threat is trans.
In fact, by the numbers the trans women seen to be just as disposed to commit violent acts as birth type males, and trans men commit violent crimes at a rate in between that of birth type males, and birth type females.
And, by the numbers, the trans population has higher rates of substance abuse, and mental illness (not including general dysphoria, meaning other mental illness diagnoses) than the general population.
So teenage status, trans status, and trans teen age status are no reason to perceive a threat of death or violence as less credible, because of those characteristics, compared to a threat of violence or death by anyone else.
However, what does matter, is were they actual threats of violence and/or death threats?
If they were simply rudely made comments about JK Rowling, or rudely made comments about her opinion, or name calling towards her person, those should not be counted as death threats, nor threats of violence.
Any real threat of violence, or threat of murdering the lady, should be treated as credible, whether its author is teen age, or adult, trans, or not trans.

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I feel sorry for normal trans people who just want to be accepted and to be able to crack on with a normal life.

This is just more entitled bigots hiding behind a protected status in order to sate their rabid lust for righteous indignation and underlying need for violence.


This very much reminds me of being a teen age Atheist, and moving to a very Evangelical Christian area for my last two years of high school.
Not every Christian in that area was a pushy, obnoxious fuck about it.
But, some were indeed very pushy and obnoxious about it.
The people in the Trans movement who insist others must use their language, or others must acknowledge their gender by identification mind over matter outlook as true, greatly remind me of the most obnoxious and pushy Evangelical Christians, who try to force their beliefs and language down other throats.
Of course both those groups have their pushy and obnoxious members, but the King of the pushy, obnoxious groups, remains the 13 major mainstream Muslim countries that will execute me for saying I don’t believe God exists, and the many more mainstream Muslim countries that would have me whipped and/or imprison me, if I got caught saying that I don’t believe God exists, publicly, in their borders.


Much of the leftist movement’s are becoming more evangelical as time goes on. There’s saints/martyr’s (George Floyd), sinners (Rowling), angels (Greta Thunberg), demons (Ben Shapiro) and of course the Devil himself (Trump). There’s scripture (CRT), the inquisition (BLM) and even a crusading army (Antifa). And much like a religion, facts mean nothing to these people and their desire to be right excuses then to commit violence.

It’s not like the right is much better, it had its heyday in the 80’s and 90’s but the left is really cooking with gas at the moment.

At least with the right it’s often honest about whom it detests. The left not only believes that it is automatically right but it is automatically good, and that rank hypocrisy is why I keep trolling my left-leaning pals at the moment. Many of the current movement’s of the left couldn’t give a t’penny fuck about the people they claim to help or represent, they just want to justify their own biases at any cost.

It’s the same in this case, these activists don’t speak for the trans community, they don’t speak for anybody but they genuinely think it’s legitimate to threaten a middle-aged woman who writes children’s book’s with violence and death because she disagrees with their opinion. The truly sad thing is that there’s sensible adults who agree with these people.

There’s evangelicalism and there’s crusade.


Old Time Religion Church Revivals are based on the same type of pageantry to raise funds, etc that were practiced by the ancient Greeks, and even older, in Egypt way earlier.
These are old, old social dynamics, and social manipulation baskets of techniques.
They work very well with religion, but also just as well for politics.
The Romans were masters at it, right up until the point their empire tipped, because no series of pageantry nor circus, can overcome marred economic and/or defense fundamentals indefinitely.
But boogeyman narratives will run well, right up to the last minute, when the whole thing crashes or gets burned down, regardless.
Elmer Gantry never fails, and when he does, you will see him again, soon enough.


Not the point I was making but still valid.

‘In fact, by the numbers the trans women seen to be just as disposed to commit violent acts as birth type males, and trans men commit violent crimes at a rate in between that of birth type males, and birth type females.’

This however, I would like to see where these numbers come from, just for reference purposes.

My point is overall, I find JK Rowling and how trans and allies as well as online woke warriors in general, to have handled this topic in such a frankly farcicle way that my capacity to feel anyone is being objective or fair in their depictions of events to be honest. It’s more a ‘where’s my popcorn so I can see this shitshow this is becoming’ rather than the expectation I have stakes in this discussion.

Feels like just another symptom of the world we live in these days.

And this is the crux of the problem. We have too many screaming idiots on both ends of the the opposing views with too much access to platforms to shout from.

I mean shit, I don’t care if JK thinks Im just a rapist trying to get into womens bathrooms to endanger kids, because I’m not and that presumption says far more about her than it does me. I dont agree with a lot of what she has said about trans people, and others who feel the same can disagree, can call her out, and while it is wrong to make threats, dickheads on the internet saying shes a bitch and wish she was dead is not cool, though it is immature and speaks to their issues as much as her letter speaks to her own hangups and lack of understanding of what she is bringing to the table.

Nobody is right in this situation and I just want this back and forth to come to a stop because it’s getting very ‘he said she said’ online and it’s tiresome on top of the other shit. On top of being a person in this world at this time, ignoring myself being trans and trying to get by and afford by heathcare, or wonder if there’s going to be issues because of that.

I’ve probably rambled on enough at this point, TLDR: This whole thing is just fucking absurd and I would not be surprised if the article misrepresents a misrepresentation by Rowling of questionable at best behaviour from idiots who are mad and out for blood because she effectively punched down at a group she clearly doesn’t understand much about and is now wondering why she is getting backlash.

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Give us a bit.
The unconfirmed spawn are at the arcade, and I and she who must be obeyed are sitting at the bar.
There have been several inmate studies.
Including some that are UK prison system inmate specific.

I would like a source on this? Do you have one? Because from what I can read online the numbers to count are skewed based on the fact having a GRC would not be counted and that unless the prison officers specifically knew that person was trans by admission, they wouldnt be able to tell. I’d like a breakdown of how that one was worked out.

Just something on the sex offense one, quoted from the MoJ (source from the BBC, make what you will of these quotes)

It says the figures “are not yet a reliable reflection of the numbers and location of trans prisoners in the prison estate”.

The MoJ can’t count inmates who have not told prison staff they are transgender.

Nor does it count prisoners who have already been given a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC).

About 250-350 GRCs are issued each year across the UK - 4,910 since 2005.

The survey only counts prisoners who have already had a case conference - a meeting of senior managers and other officials - to decide how to manage the trans person within the prison estate.

To your point, posts that are simply rude and name calling in her direction, are not death threats, and not threats of violence.
I have seen a “pipe bomb” comment.
But mostly, just rude name calling, and criticisms, put vulgarly and otherwise.
Doxxing her street address is gauche, but she is a celebrity, and she surely has had Christian stalkers, too.

Data gaps are a thing, and this is an excellent point that you make.

However, I will make a counter point, the sex offenders that are female are their own data gap,
And their size seems to be huge.

Call it a lesson I learned from being in this community. Data can be manipulated to say fucking anything and you should always be critical of just numbers on their own, or the agendas of the person who shows ‘just the numbers’ as to why that’s all that’s shown. Check for methodological errors, poor samples, find what’s reliable.

And that other one about not being a twat XD

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That is why Statisticians and Data Scientists exist.
To help the other disciplines understand where they have experimental design problems, data problems, statistical technique selection issues, Statistical power problems, selection bias, etc.
That is our whole reason for being, to be that conscience, and point out to them, where they may have err’ed in those ways, or may be being exuberant, prematurely.
We are the discipline of Doubting Thomas.


In this case, if there is a claim by implication or explicitly stated, that trans people are less prone to be violent or commit sexual assault than the general population, the base presumption must be : false.
Unless and until overwhelmingly, repeatedly, and reliably proven to be the contrary.
Likewise, base claim presumptions must be false for treatments such as gender by self-identification, or transition, regarding disposition to commit violence, or sexual assault,
Unless and until overwhelmingly, repeatedly, and reliably proven to be the contrary.
Otherwise, homeopathy, faith healing, and placebo treatments, would enjoy the presumption of base claim truth, when in investigating them, we assume base case: false.
And likewise for treatments that are efficacious, base case assumption is false, until proven true, reliably, repeatedly, and overwhelmingly.
Otherwise, we know we are missing important independent variables, yet, in our equations.

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