Jimmy Smith on the BTS of FIGHT QUEST

FIGHT QUEST was a Discovery TV show that covered much of the same ground as the more well-known HUMAN WEAPON but IMO gave a more realistic perspective on martial art training by focusing more of the ACTUAL TRAINING of it, with an emphasis on the hard work and a skeptical eye on the mumbo-jumbo. I think it was the one that best suited the Bullshido philosophy for those reasons.

Jimmy Smith did a behind the scenes retrospective series of videos on the whole show, revealing how BS would still tend to creep in despite the best of intentions. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

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A specially revelatory episode is the one about Kajukenbo, which apparently the producers tried to use as a stand-in for something more MMA-ish but still some exotic flavor, and Smith claims that the guys there basically sucked at grappling and so anything MMA-like was out of the window because no one could last with him on the ground, so they had to make up limitations to keep him from grappling while the style supposedly did include it in its scope.

Of course, this is all seen thru Smith’s biased memory.

The plot thickens.

It is pretty fun to hear the one-sided takes on this one. I wonder if in the longwinded BTS explanation from the chunner he ever realizes how pathetic he is making out his own art to be when you think a bit about it.
But then… he is a chunner.