Jewish Ninja Warrior


Oh Jewish ninja warrior your moves are ice cold. Assassinating Hamas leaders like a tenchu game. The majority of you are wondering what the fuck I’m going on about.

Newer bullshido members: Who are you talking about?

Old School Bullshido Members:

You know as soon as the war started he flew to Israel and jointed the Israel defense force.

Too soon, I suppose.
Israel has reduced Gaza to rubble.
And is busy committing genocide.
The babblers, ministers of misinformation, and propaganda-ists,
will scream from the roof tops,
to criticize the actions of Israel is anti-semetic.
They lie.
Up is not down.
Left is not Right.
Any government, and their actions, or policies MUST be criticized.

I was confused why there wasn’t a thread about the Israeli-Gaza conflict. I just assumed Phrost told bullshido we couldn’t talk about it. I know that sounds crazy but he did say we weren’t allowed to talk about transgenderism anymore.


What problem do you have with transgender people again?

How about Jews? Because you made a “people” vs. “land” trope.

You don’t want a thread here about the history of that piece of land. We will be here another 10 years and there are more important things.

Phrost told us we couldn’t talk about transgender people anymore. It has nothing to do with whether or not I have a problem with transgenders or not.

This isn’t a people vs. land trope. If you don’t get the joke it’s fine. BTW are you Omega?

There are still over 100 Israeli hostages held by Hamas since October 7th.

Perhaps releasing them might help stop the attack?

In all the calls for ceasfire I see over in the UK I am yet to see one appeal to Hamas to release the remaining hostages.

Ill add that generally speaking its not the critisim of Israeli government actions that is considered by many to be antisemetic but the unbalanced critism.

No he didn’t. And to prove it here is the most fluid song of all time:

See? No consequences.

He specially banned one bigoted asshat who was trouting the whole “US is turning teh GaYz” bullshit.

As in, there are sites out there for making fun of LGBTQ+, (or as I call them, *). does not suffer this.

And no, Omega and I are just kung fun cousins. He got the Five Ancestor Fist side, I got all the rest.

Who you know assemble the Clan like Voltron?
The one and only Logic, the God, the don, and I’m gone


We have a local ninja.

The zohan.

haha, i loved that movie.

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Listen, I like animals too, so I can’t judge this guy on his FB avatar.

The part that concerns me is the part behind the wolf.

Ok, batman.

Seriously this is some antisocial vigilante shit stolen from peaceful activism, by a Booj ninjer.

Anybody here actually see Ben Kingsley’s “Ghandi?”

Zohan is ancient Arabic (Babylonian?); it means gift.

Zoran is Slavic, it means the the dawn.

It was close enough to the movie i thought i would just shoehorn it in.

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