James Johnson NBA player claims

Couple of articles on NBA player James Johnson point to a 7-0 mma and 20-0 kickboxing record (probably pre nba career as a teen) so far no one can find an actual record of 1 fight let alone 27. I doubt someone would make such a claim in the time of internet without actually being a fighter, but sort of strange,and 27 and 0 even as an amateur fighter is pretty impressive. Sorry if this has been posted before.

Man, I can’t say because I’m no good at looking this kind of thing up but people tell outrageous easily debunked lies all the time. No record at all actually makes it easier to hide the lie because there’s nothing substantive to debunk. I believe it’s hardwired into some people’s DNA and they can’t stop themselves. I’m a bit of a weirdo though. I believe lying and the propensity to lie for social advantage is an evolutionary trait among many other thing categorized as mental illnesses which actually provide certain evolutionary advantages given specific circumstances.