J6, the PB trial and how did we get this dumb?

So, earlier this year, I posted a conspiracy theory that the FBI did the capitol raid. During the PB trial, the FBI was found to be EVERYWHERE. Yet they allege conspiracy. Which raises the question as to why they didnt stop it. Here is what I believe. I think that Trump ordered the FBI to take out Antifa. Being overwhelmed by the pandemic, they needed more people. So they mobilized a bunch of coked up, drunken, street brawling frat boys to handle the matter. Basically like the cane toads in Australia. Now, the feds fully expected Antifa, their militia, to be in DC on J6. They brawl it out, the feds teargas everyone, blame Antifa, thats that.

Antifa didn’t show up. They sent like 2 intelligence agents and no fighters at all. The protest continues with various parties having different ideas of what to do. The police start shooting into the crowd, killing a man with a grenade. The rest is history.

Now they need someone to blame. So they blame the PBs. The PBs take it to trial. The FBI, being incompetent, accidentally hands over the list of informants, exposing that its a glow op. Then, for reasons unknown, they take the stand and start doxing MORE informants, bringing us up to date.

Basically the feds hired a bunch of drunk coke heads to lead an anti terror op and it went about as well as youd expect.

And the FBI just took over the block.

Is the FBI incompetent? Many of them often. Is the FBI going to listen to Drumpf to go after ANTIFA, being that the official position of the director of the FBI is the midwit “ANTIFA is an ideology, not an organization” despite literal organizations like Rose City Antifa? I’m leaning no.

At this point you just have to accept that the “Patriots” are not in control, all parts of the administrative state hate anyone who is right-wing or conservative, and the more right-wing, rural, and white you get on that spectrum the more the mostly white intelligence community hates you.

The only reasonable explanation I have for their relatively sudden incompetence is the change in demo that is being hired in the FBI specifically but the IC in general since the GWOT. When the FBI was targeting black nationalists and Marxists they were more competent in their ruthlessness, but the old g men were also competent warfighters. Now you have the FBI specifically and the IC more generally turning the Eye of Sauron on right-wing and conservative Americans but they are hiring theater kids.

In my opinion, the FBI is not incompetent. They are often hamstrung by policy and procedure, and guided (often with blinders on) by politics.

There are definitely competent FBI agents and some of the factions in the FBI are more competent than others. Some appearances of incompetence are also factional rivalries/competition shining through to the normie world e.g. the Hillary email thing in 2016.

If the FBI is one thing, its not handicapped by policy and procedure. Thats what the criminals they hire and/or coerce are for.

This is false. They did target Antifa. That’s why all the right wing orgs are filled with feds. They’re there to help the right fight Antifa. But the right fucked up on J6 and fell for the feint. So now the FBI is basically at war with the FBI. The transcripts are crazy. The Proud Boys basically turned out to be a giant glow op. Basically the FBI planned and executed J6, turned around and framed themselves, and basically fucked up any chance of stopping Antifa, Iran, right wing terrorists or any of the other threats we face. Most likely outcome of their fuckup is Boston eats a bomb.

Which is why the official stance of the director of the FBI is that Antifa doesn’t even exist?

Which is also why they keep arresting right-wing people and keep entrapping right-wing people? Was Randy Weaver’s wife and son collateral damage of an FBI operation to target left-wing activists?

This is not proof that the FBI is secretly running right-wing groups, that keep in mind they keep arresting, to fight left-wing groups. Trust me, I would love to find out the IC was secretly based and fighting commies and queer activists and not pushing out even normie con officers and employees. But I have only seen evidence of the opposite.

Lets say I order you to arrest Antifa. Who do you arrest? You gonna grab AOC? Really? Just go lock up the unions? Who are you looking for?

As for evidence, thats simply what I know to be true based on the people I know. Obviously I avoid glow niggers, but you get two types, ones that want to work with the state to crush the left, and ones that want you to go commit a crime. Avoid both. But the former is basically federally sanctioned RW militia activity. They run a LOT of groups.

Maybe we should start with the people who use communications methods that are either unencrypted or compromised by the IC to organize, call their organizations “My City Antifa”, and openly talk about conducting direct actions. There isn’t a lack of resources to have FBI agents and agency liaisons create a Mastodon or Telegram account and just follow these accounts. They were looking at 4chan 13 years ago, I talked with one of them on eChirp regularly. And then when you arrest them charge them with terrorism, like Georgia is doing.

I’m not saying that you haven’t encountered glowies who have claimed this I’m saying that they are lying and everything the IC is saying publicly and the actions they started taking internally starting around the beginning of the Obama administration, when a lot of leadership in the IC and the DOD were purged, points to the glowies shining in the direction of the right and not secretly waging a war on left-wing dissidents.

This is somehting I’ve been pointing to for… quite some time.

Nobody has EVER given me an answer, though.


Let me explain. In my youth I was a crip. Nothing was planned or organized. Just a few people drinking and fighting. Later I joined another group. Meetings. Clear leaders. Planning. All that. Either thats the difference or the FBI director is just lying. The FBI does that.

Because they know they aren’t “allowed” to give you an answer.

They can. Its not that difficult. At the very least its a bunch of loosely connected groups and not one big group. For example, DSA is Antifa. John Brown Gun Club is Antifa. (INSERT CITY HERE) is Antifa. Exoo Enterprise is Antifa. Twitter is Antifa. Your liberal neighbors are Antifa. Your leftist neighbors are Antifa. Ancap is Antifa. Torch Network is Antifa. And this is before we get to antifascists, which are even more numerous. You can be an antifascist Antifa hunter for instance.

If I’m talking about Antifa, I mean an idea and a behavior pattern. Now, maybe they’re super smooth and never stick together, but best I can tell there actually isn’t an organization known as Antifa. Trust me. I checked. So I think thats what they mean.

The people I’ve asked support “antifa”, so of course, they won’t recognize something like Rose City Antifa exists and has existed for a long time.

An interesting take on why you could be experiencing this phenomenon:

The coinage is Rod Dreher’s and goes back to the early debates on homosexual marriage. As Dreher formulates it, the Law of Merited Impossibility holds: “That will never happen, and when it does, boy will you [homophobes, transphobes, racists, sexists, whatever] deserve it.”

The Celebration Parallax may be stated as: “the same fact pattern is either true and glorious or false and scurrilous depending on who states it.” In contemporary speech, on any “controversial” topic—or, to say better, regime priority—the decisive factor is the intent of the speaker. If she can be presumed to be celebrating the phenomenon under discussion, she may shout her approval from the rooftops. If not, he better shut up before someone comes along to shut him up.

Which brings us to the Law of Salutary Contradiction, whose formulation is: “That’s not happening and it’s good that it is.” While the Law of Merited Impossibility applies to the future, this one is about the present. It’s what the ruling class immediately switches to after what they insisted would “never” happen is happening before everyone’s eyes.

When people take philosophical ideas to their stupidest possible conclusions.

Or, rather, when philosophy comes to the stupidest possible conclusion, based on what’s going on.

Good Philosophy is not about concrete conclusions imo.

It’s about novel ways to engage in abstract thought.