Isn't this woman's job exactly what you accused me of lying about?

In fact, what in the world is she doing managing black belt registration? Is she a black belt herself? Who the fuck even is she? And she manages immigration? Like I said they were doing.

Some of y’all, if y’all were honorable men, would commit seppuku. Please consider that option you lying cunts.

She’s even in charge of their fake ass training manuals. Wow… Did anyone even look up how this company was operated before DESTROYING MY FUCKING LIFE? Like, what is this person doing making decisions for ANYONE? And I don’t know who the previous area manager was, but what the fuck even is that job?

Is she an administrator?

If you are interested in a job in administration I’m sure a fellow of your calibre would do fine

It’s an honest paycheck

Apparently it’s not an honest living.

Like, the black belts are being managed by this cunt with no martial claim to be managing such a thing.

Do you need to be a black belt to do admin?

Of your administrative job is handling the black belts, yes. Though that shouldn’t BE an admin job. And I thought the immigration was just a conspiracy. Yet the person that’s handling their BB processing is also doing immigration. Like, wow…

The virtues I look for, when it comes to admin, are diligence, honesty and attention to detail

It’s a martial arts belt. It’s not her place to administrate the matter. It’s no one’s really, but definitely not hers.

So hospital administrators should be medical doctors?

No. But the administrator isn’t in charge of treatment. The doctors are. She doesn’t need to be in charge of black belts. The local instructor should be.

Does she do the gradings?

No, but she determines who can hold what grade. She would be the one to get you caught up in a paperwork fuck up that stalls you.

Only as relates to who can compete in IBJJF competitions at what belt rank.

Not really. The rank disasters they construct effect every gym they have a person at. My situation came about because the ranking instructor was enrolled in their immigration program and thus had no choice but to screw me over on their behalf.

If you look on Beltcheckers, there are a whole bunch of BJJ black belts that do not bother with registering with the IBJJF.

The IBJJF is not the only tournament org, although they are a large and well known one.

I have always suspected that it was your local promoting instructor, and possibly his immediate network superiors who put the shakedown on you for the affiliation cash.

Carlos Gracie Jr makes so much money on tournament fees and Gracie Barra affiliation fees, that it would be hard to imagine that he would spend the time on an extra $2K from an outside network.

But that does not mean the instructor and/or network that was offering you affiliation and who promoted you would not.

Or that they did not blame Carlos Gracie Jr / the IBJJF for why they were putting the bite on you.

I have seen networks and individual instructors try to put the financial bite on their students and affiliates many times.

However, I would remind the readers that some networks do not charge rank promotion fees, mine included.

And, one of the largest affiliations out there, BJJ Globetrotters, does not charge rank promotion fees either, and charges nothing to affiliate.

So, one can avoid the highly monetized pyramid business model networks in BJJ, or one can participate in them, and either way, still get belt ranks.

But, the situation you encountered, where a substantial financial bite was attempted after you were promoted to black belt, is a situation that does sometimes occur in some networks.

And, that is unfortunate.

I think it was Jr protecting not the 2k, but the entire system. Without affiliation sales, his entire lifestyle goes bust. And there is no reason to buy most affiliations. By creating a reason to buy (paperwork fuck ups), his lifestyle is maintained. Think about it, why would I buy a Barra? Beginner students don’t know who is who.

For example, when I got my political affiliation, I had no idea that they even had affiliates and was quite shocked when the political equivalent of the IBJJF shut my crew down. So no one outside would know or care what my affiliation was. It’s an internal control mechanism.

That being the case, it doesn’t boost sales to buy one unless it’s something like “Royce Gracie Affiliation”. So why buy? Well, if you’re a member of Barra, or another IBJJF school you’re safe from promotion snafus. I think Carlos gets direct sales from Barra, but also kick ups from the other affiliations. If I had been able to bypass affiliation under his sight, it would have encouraged more people to skip the affiliation. Instead I know people that bought because they realized that they’d be blackballed.

I noticed that it’s not just IBJJF looking to make these sales, but pretty much everyone including lutra livre guys.

Also note that I’m not saying that they have influence everywhere, just that anywhere they have someone by the balls they can exert influence.

Think about it. IBJJF is the only organization with these ranking clusterfucks. What incentive do they have to make sure people fail? It’s how they drive sales and a part of what this person’s job is.

Independents do it to, sometimes.

I have also seen people hold other people’s promotion to black belt because they were running near by schools, ie for fear of business competition.

It’s a low class thing to do.

I would also note, that Judo from time to time, has had promotion controversies, so it is not just BJJ.

Independents don’t do it in “good faith” though. You can see it’s a grudge. IBJJF is unique in that it acts in a good faith manner. They’re not extorting you, you violated their rules. The rules however are made in bad faith.

Now they DID put on their “bad faith” face during the globe trotters scandal, as they actively encourage promotions by unknown professors usually.