Is Xu Xiadong dodging Chen Villiage's MMA team?

This is a yes or no question: Is Xu Xiadong dodging Chen Village’s MMA team?

Long story short: I bought a Tai Chi magazine at Barnes & Noble within the last 6 months, and in it Chen Ziqiang said that his MMA team had challenged Xu Xiadong to fight and that Xu had declined. Short story long:

Relevant Fight Commentary Breakdowns interview here (skip to 15:45 if you are already familiar with Xu’s quest to expose fake martial arts):

Watch highlights of Chen Ziqiang coaching at a push hands seminar at an Elite BJJ school in Brazil here (not 100% sure of that location claim):

Watch Chen Ziqiang coach a guard pull to try to finish a guillotine here at 10:35 (kickboxing-ish stuff in the beginning of same video):

Mad Dog has been a little busy over the last year fighting Communist cyberbiowarfare propaganda and evading detention. I documented some of this on the old site, early on in the pandemic.

Short short short version: he spent a couple of the last years being harassed and threatened by the government for daring to challenge the internal CMA establishment, was forced to fight in public like a clown, socially disenfranchised, and then his friend got black bagged for opening broadcasting about COVID.

Hidiing from MMA fighters? No, he’s trying to not get ghosted before his 42nd birthday.


Videos I’ve watched detailing what Xu is going through outside the ring paint a pretty disheartening picture. The CCP won’t even let him use the train to travel.