Is power all it's cracked up to be?

Like, aneurysm?

I mean, yeah, you could probably trick the guy into smoking over drinks and slowly introduce him to a diet of fatty foods and a steep reduction in antioxidants and fiber.

A decade alter with any luck you’ll have him right where you want him.

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I worked with a couple of islanders who would knock people out in their fives and tens.

I picked a guy up afterwards once and I could see knuckle dents in the side of his head where he got hit.

Admittedly one of them got shot by bikers and the other had his eye taken out in a fight. So it is not all gravy

Dammit you’re making me look things up on google. a pox on you.

I think learning to punch correctly is worthwhile, and from proper technique you generate power (same as a golf swing). I also think people often confuse a swinging bag with power, which is usually more pushing than proper punching. If you are doing bag work, i suggest wrapping up to reduce trauma to your joints and hands. Impact to your body will also depend on the length of time, frequency, etc. So like with any exercise, you need to be smart about how you incorporate it into your training. If you are a powerlifter you aren’t going to be squatting every day. Working on power is also part of your physical conditioning (core, legs, shoulders, etc.), which you can do without hitting.

EDIT: sorry on the SD bit, to me a well executed punch is going to be a powerful punch. Speed and technique go hand in hand with power, accuracy maximizes the effect. Should always work on both defence and offence.

After watching that McLaughlin v. Provost fight, yeah.

Provost hit her opponent with everything and the kitchen sink and it still didn’t take them down.

I’ve never seen an expert welterweight throw and land that many punches on an opponent before in a match without turning the other guy’s head into mashed potatoes with extra gravy.

Force, work, and power?

What’s “most” important?

In this context?

Reminded me of this clip. Such an easy swing.


12 :thinking:

M dot V

Another measure…

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