Is Gordon Ryan Bullshido?

I’m asking this question because I’m not really sure what the answer is? Is Gordon Ryan bullshido? He has a muscle building program that he’s selling for a hundred dollars. But he’s obviously on PEDs. That’s not martial art related so I’m wondering if it’s bullshido. I honestly think it’s bullshit whether it’s bullshido or not.

He’s also selling instructionals for $250. Which seems like bullshido behavior to me. You guys are the experts so you tell me.

He is a professional athlete who competes in venues where PEDs are often legal.

And most of the athletes in those venues are PED’ed up.

He would be stupid to price his instructional content below the price point that maximized margin, based on price times volume.

Not Bullshido at all, in that regard.

He is a legit submission grappler.

Top of the game, in the venues he competes in.

In that sense, not Bullshido.

@Tomiki , did you make a donation to the Bullshido non-profit recently?

I just gave you an educated answer, and I am not charging you for it.

You elaborated the answer to my question pretty well. Thank you.

My pleasure.

Here is where you can make a donation to the Bullshido non-profit:

I don’t get any of that money.

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There is a companion concept of a Mc Dojo.

Which are basically martial arts prostitutes. And that would be closer to your question.

I am not an instructionals guy. But apparently they are these professionally shot multi take things. That probably take a bit to do.

I have heard lachlan guiles’s does an exceptional one. Called submeta

Which is a subscription thing at about $240 American a year.

So not that much off Gordon Ryans price.

I never used instructionals myself but a friend did lend me a Bas Rutten during my early days of grapplery.

Was entertaining, could watch Bas for hours.

Didnt learn much though .

We have a group of guys that always get youtube vids up during open mat and try things out, its fun and a nice part of training but has to be seen in context IMO, if your basics as sloppy then you dont want to take too much focus away from those onto flying berimbolo hip chokes from turtle.

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Have you watched any of @Omega 's stuff?

As much as I want to kick the shit out of people who claim to be hand to hand virtuosos and post mean faces online in a lame attempt at intimidating others, John Danaher is a real life Dalton so consider what you’re actually getting for. . . $100 down from $137 is like a spiritual distillation, Gordon is just a vessel.

The answer is absolutely nothing without actually working out, something I have a hard time believing anyone here does regularly.

Let’s face it, these BJJ bros don’t have real jobs and need your money more than you do, and you need to do more pushups. Truth.

Ino. I am not much of an online instruction guy.

That’s fine. I wasn’t attempting to be contrary to your point. My point is that there is quality instruction available for free. Paying for pretty videos is not the same thing as finding good instruction.

Yeah. Look there is probably enough you tube out there to no have to bother with BJJ instruction at all.

I wouldn’t go that far. You can learn a lot by reading and watching vids, but at the end of the day, if you are not able to put into practice, then all you are is a nerd.

You should never sacrifice practical experience, and you shouldn’t put blind faith into what you consume from the internet as being useful.

The reason I said Gordon Ryan is bullshit in my first point is that he’s on PEDs and he’s telling natural lifters how to get big. No matter how much you lift or follow the advice Gordon Ryan is giving you’ll never get as big or anywhere near as big as him. He’s selling this program mostly to martial artist so maybe that makes him bullshido? I’m really not sure.