Intro Post re FB page post

Hi all. Judo/wrestling background here.

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What’s up guys, I just love to argue with people tbh. I’m kind of a grumoy old man. Former college wrestler GG boxer, current jiu jitsu blue belt. Have trained with many many former and current UFC fighters here in Phoenix AZ as well as all over the US. I’m sure we’ll find something to argue about at some point


I am just here for the badges the glorious glorious badges especially cause I was never able to earn one on the old forum cause I suck.



Judo/wrestling here as well (but also some taekwondo from back in the days as a kid who didn’t know better)

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Hello, I’m an American Tai chi master who believes taijichuan is the grand ultimate fist! Wanna test my Tai chi? Bring a camera crew to the swamplands of Arkansas and seek out the goat headed tai chi master!

Taichi goat


You’re not James Lindsay are you?

Great minds and all that, as usual.

Humane Rat Control

So I had detected rats in the hen house, spore and whatnot

I set a live trap, and before too long, a rat was trapped

What to do with my rat?

I toyed with various scenarios; cats in a box, barrel of water, pointy shtik?

I don’t want to cause unwarranted suffering, but the rat is enemy of all that is wholesome on the farm, so the rat must die

On introduction to the rat, the cats proved disappointing, but as soon as the dog sniffed him in the cage, he wanted to kill him

Let Pan decided, then!

I bought dog and caged rat to the cross roads

I gee’d up the dog and released the rat…

But seriously…