Industry training

The amazing ability to take something good that people should know and suck all the practically out of it.

Ok. Sorry that didn’t work at all.

Ok. It sort of works. Click on the link and you will get to see some decent wrestling put through the process of police defensive tactics until it is basically made useless.

The problem is, they dont require training. Wrestling should be a primary skill of an officer, not something rare. You legit shouldnt be able to work a single day unless you can reliably wrestle a suspect down.

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The whole premise of trying to teach a complex physical skill in a short time period is a fool’s errand as everyone on this forum likely knows. However, there are no recruitment, budget, and administration friendly alternatives so the farce continues.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone try to take out an officer by diving towards their feet, but I guess it could happen.

Even then the proper response is to just move out of the way, which is something that you can’t do in a wrestling match, but totally ok in the street.

Move aside, kick them in the head already bleeding from the asphalt, lava, and AIDS needles.

A more important question is, why do these videos have such terrible backing tracks.

Which is ironically the excuse used for poor results. And yet trainers will still take the money for a course that is doomed to fail.

It would definitely help.

The weird thing is the success of the adopt a cop programs. That you can remove all these arguments about specific training needs. Put the cop in any reasonably good BJJ school and suddenly the improvements go up.

And BJJ isn’t even really geared for cops as say a folk wrestling or MMA would be.

I dont like that with Carlos Gracie Jr up top. Thats by definition, corrupt cops. What happens when he starts extorting or directing officers? Wait, theres a report about that… Domestic terrorism. So I dont support the adopt a cop program. The cops should be arresting these people.

Is it specifically Gracie?

I know they do the combatives program. But i thought adopt a cop was a bit more generic.

You’re misunderstanding Jr’s. reach. Literal international mob boss with a BJJ theme. He controls a good chunk of these operations. We’re talking about a guy who spends his time failing students for extra cash. He doesnt need cops and already committed domestic terrorism once.

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