IBJJF Ends Element of Time in Grade Scam

Important IBJJF Rules Changes On Minimum Belt Time Requirement - BJJ World (bjj-world.com)

Seems kinda governing bodyish to me. Odd that they have this power.

They can do what they want within their own org.

We know it’s a for-profit business scheme, not part of the Olympic movement.

Not that that is really not-for-profit…

Thats how governments work. They govern their organizations.

Nobody is under any obligation to join.
Most of the black belts underneath me do not bother.
It annoys me, because it puts the printing-scanning-signing obligation on me,
and I don’t charge for it.

I’m correcting that meme as it was used to attack my mental health, the idea being that because the IBJJF is not a governing body, that clearly they don’t control rank at all AND that the hundreds of people around me under their influence, are clearly NOT members. I made all that up. In reality its the opposite.

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Feeding into the idea that the IBJJF has special status among the other tournament or competition options, creates or at least feeds the monster that you wish to oppose.
As somebody that has sponsored and help create other tournament orgs over the past few decades, the best thing to do to erode IBJJF marketshare and influence is compete and support the other tournament orgs.
As an aside, I am not a fan of their ruleset in several ways.
Their ruleset is not, in my opinion, the best representation of what makes Jiu-Jitsu good.
I prefer the rules sets of Vale Tudo / NHB, submission grappling, and old style BJJ point Jiu-Jitsu before advantage points, when more take downs were legal, and “knee reaping” was not yet an invented phrase, much less a rule against.

I feel accuracy is more important. They are in fact a governing body. Regulating promotions for over 6,000 academies worldwide is a lot of governing.

As for their comp rules, I like them. I think they promote slow, fundamentally sound BJJ.

Basically, IMO, all his bullshit gotcha games need to come with a refund. Oh, graduation is impossible through no fault of my own? Cool. Pay me back what I spent plus opportunity costs.

At this point, dude needs to die in a fire, but thats what he should’ve done if he wanted to play games with peoples investments. BJJ isnt free, and if you do a live in program like I did, the opportunity cost is high, as are the actual costs.