I dontated $10 to Operation underground to give myself a free pass to mock sound of freedom

This is the sort of commitment I will put in to a bit on the internet.

I don’t have an issue with the movie. I haven’t seen it but when the internet invades my space and tells me I have to watch their thing or I am supporting the pedophiles.

I just assume that some bunch of dick holes are trying to get me to do what they want in some really cult vibey kind of way.

So fuckem.

Now I can social justice warrior and pisstake at the same time.

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Some of the Facebook comments are pricless.

We already have a conspiracy theory.

There are catch phrases. People are buying tickets as a pay it forward scheme so that poor people can experience the joy of this movie.

I mean. Its not just me right?

This is weird.

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QAnon strikes again.

The founder of OUR just quit over their culty Mansonesque takeover of his original project.

The movie itself is fiction. What’s real is the big network of Trump zombies trying to keep this whole charade going through successive election cycles. Remember, he is the Grand Crusader against child sex, right?


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Stupid paywalls.

Interestingly. I have only read one reference to Operation rail road and that was a guy who said it was hinky.

And no references to any other charity, movement or cause that might protect children.

It is exclusively targeted to the idea that you must see this movie because if you don’t you hate children.

And it seems like an orchestrated approach. In that they have the same points, same language and so on.

My guess is it is a Christians must support Christian business movement. And everything else doesn’t matter.

The Q anon stuff. I assume is Epsteins island. But I don’t think that is the drive here. There is only a vague accusation that the “liberals” are trying to shut it down. So they can be winning a war nobody is fighting.

As a side note. This documentary has come out locally.

Knock yourselves out with this one boys. Well done. So stunning, so brave etc…

slow clap

As i said. I have no issues with the film. So I am not demonising Sound of freedom.

This for me is more about how people who dishonestly hijack an issue like human trafficking and turn it into a self intrest vehicle.

That is why I put $10 in to operation underground rail road. That way I have actually done more to combat child trafficking than the bulk of people who are claiming to care about child trafficking.

And obviously I don’t really care about child trafficking because I knew it was happening and I have done absolutely nothing about it untill now. And i just did that for a bit.

Which should be super embarrassing for people who do say they care but have done less than me. And have been put to shame buy someone who doesn’t even care about the topic.

Lol, “We see you”.

The cult is strong with those ones.

You know, it took a long time to connect the Tate and LaBianca murders.

Connecting the crimes of these QAnon fools is a lot faster, they can’t shut the fuck up online, and they are the dumbest people on earth.


The cuties comparison is definitely doing the rounds now.

Because if you don’t like this movie then you like Cuties and therefore are a pedo.

And you know what happens to them pedos.

And I still have no issue with the movie. It is just whatever this stuff is that makes me sad.

These are the same people who watch the Hallmark channel for inspiration, and never saw the movie “13”. They don’t seem to remember pubescence. They have a very saccharine worldview, the no sex till marriage crowd is also now accusing everyone challenging them as having a very rare and disturbing fetish. It’s all deflection.

I use to be a big Sorbo fan during the Hercules series, but he’s gone batshit over the last ten years.

The real tragedy here is that the venn diagram of sincere child protection and delusional culties overlaps so much at this point, its tainting celebrities.

I used to be a big Nugent fan for the same reason, and now can’t stand him. He actually fucked little girls and got away with it. But he’s a hero to these same people because he wears camo and can use a compound bow.

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I havent seen this movie, but it sounds pretty realistic. REDACTED was killed in a similar operation. A lot of people think the child trafficking kiddie porn angle is fake, but my men managed to locate both. Its pretty wild. I’ll upload the reciepts now.

We located this child pornography ring linked to Antifa just recently:

They slipped under the radar for a while.

REDACTED died in some sort of special operarions mission rescuing children from the cartel. So this actually is going down literally right now. I’ve been telling yall this:

So thats the real version of this and man is it wild. Theres a REDACTED edition as well that explains how things went so sideways, but that’ll just remain REDACTED. And suicide prevention my ass. I think they’re literally sending black ops squads out on suicide missions to retrieve children from the Mexican desert and flush out cartel scouts. Because these guys are such a huge liablity, instead of explaining… “Oops, another suicide.”

So yeah, this is basically a true story, fictionalized for hollywood and opsec, about what is actually going on, much closer than Colombia.

The movie seems ok. That is the bizarre part. I don’t think there would be that big a reaction to the movie itself.

The reactions will be because people are saying if you don’t watch it you are a pedophile.

Thats not what theyre saying. They’re talking about all the people hating on it and implying its false.

I have no doubt it happens. I just don’t think anyone really cares.

I think what people care more about is that this movie is successful. And that becomes its own issue as it mobilises people away from fixing the problem.

Or they are fixing the problem like a bunch of idiots.

I mean if i said child trafficking is bad. Are you going to send me money?

Yeah. It kind of is false. It goes back to being a classic witch hunt.

So you might have a real problem. Cows are all going barren. But then you solve that by stringing up the abrasive woman you never liked.

Yeah people care. Thats why they’re out there fighting. The movie is just a sort of rallying call and letting them know they’re seen. Its been stressful on dudes out in the desert by themselves surrounded by bones and the cartel.

Its literally happening in the desert right now.