I beat up my cousin every Christmas

Every time I see my cousin on Christmas he wants me to show him a new martial art move. I wouldn’t care if he was a kid or even a teenager but he’s in his late 40’s. He’s almost 50. The last time I saw him I lifted him up and uchimata’d him in the balls. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve decided what move I’m going to do on him before I come over. This year I think I’ll do a standing wakigatame.

Why not just stab him? It’s in the syllabus.

No need to revisit next year.

Are you not skilled enough for him to win?


Prima Posta

In before that other guy.

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As a 51 year old, I object to the tone of this thread

Also, kudos to @hungryjoe

None of my cousins have ever expressed any interest in seeing my Aikido.

Consider yourself lucky.

Two words. Detroit dust.

You want me to show him techniques from Detroit Dust just to fuck with him?

Yeah. Pretty much.

Your ponytail game must be lacking


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A barber took my pony tail away in 1979. USMC boot camp.


Maybe invite @Afrika to Christmas

He and your cus can play together