Hunter needs a hidin' from daddy Joe Biden

This site used to pride itself on how non-biased it is, so it’s interesting that nothing has been brought up regarding the Hunter Biden laptop and now mobile phone/ iPad scandal.

Unless, of course, you think that literal evidence is a Russian hoax still…

Sure. Hunter Biden is crooked as hell.
He surely sells influence with his father, and has for years.
Joe Biden is so far gone, he might as well be a Manchurian Candidate.
The current American Presidency is basically Weekend at Bernie’s.
All of that said, people only tolerate Australia as an example of what not to do,
Compared to the shining example of what Australia could be,
if only it wasn’t Australia,
namely, New Zealand.

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@battlefields I literally posted the crack on the scale, yesterday, in LPTP. Nobody really understood the context.


I’m still waiting for the video of Trump and hookers and golden showers. But, here we have a Ukraine-based Biden showing himself on camera, and weighing in a couple thousand dollars worth of crack. It’s fucking retarded, how hard the media wants to not see this.

Fun Fact:

The English only started to use Australia as a penal colony because their first choice, The Americas, was no longer available as a repository of bread thieves

I wonder if I can adjust the minimum post length to 20.7…

Fun Fact:

The Americas were no longer available, because they had a well armed citizenry, who took their privately owned rifles, privately owned cannon, and privately owned mortars, and proceeded to kick the military of the supposedly most powerful Empire on Earth at the time, England, asses, back to England, with their tails tucked between their legs.

And then ironically England and the UK had to depend on the Americans for hand outs from World War II on, as a beggar nation.

Here’s another fun fact - Australia has the only televised media outlet that has dedicated segments about Biden’s ineptness. Of course, it’s a Rupert Murdoch outlet, I think. Sky News.

Here, enjoy:

Or maybe just 9.1…

You mean the conflict where a bunch of Brits didn’t want to pay taxes to a richer bunch of Brits so started a revolution? Luckily the richer Brits has their eye on the more lucrative parts of the vast empire and deployed an underfunded, underprepared second-rate army. Phew, that was lucky!

Hunter Biden is a cocaine snorting, hooker banging, corrupt piece of shit.
And I am sure we are all a little jealous of that.
Joe Biden is a puppet President, that is driving the US economy into the ground.
Still, the US economy at its lowest point, will still likely be better than the UK’s.
The Scots and Welsh should bug out from their vile submission to the inbred Windsor Feudal line, and join the EU as an independent State from England.
England, and the English, remain a shit stain on the underwear of history.

If England is a shit-stain and the US was borne of England, what does that make the US? A faecal reject? Abortion? That’s just cruel.

Hunter Biden’s meetings with Russian Oligarch were sanctioned by the UK, but not the US:

The U.S. was borne of people in the UK and Europe, leaving and rejecting the situations of the UK and Europe.

So, yes the US was born from the often painful and sometimes slow rejection of the feudal systems and oppression of the UK, and Europe, and sadly, the European/UK/Africa African slave trade tradition, and more recently the rejection and flight from Asia, and the Middle East.

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Except Canadians. Those fuckers can stay home, and quit stomping all over our endangered turtle nests, stop leaving their beer cans and bottles all over our beaches, and stop trying to fuck the underage locals. Fucking Canadians….

Descended from religious maniacs or career criminals

Much like Oz, but with less religious mania

I thought America hid for most of ww2

The German High Command considered the U.S. war effort to be the most instrumental factor in the German defeat.

And Japan surrendered directly to the U.S.

The U.S. spent the first year of WW II sending food and medical supplies to Great Britain,
And became the major supplier of military equipment, arms, and ammunition to the Allies by the second year of WW II,
And then spent the remaining 5 years fighting tooth and nail, and dying along side the Allies in combat operations.

Australia also spent the first year of WW II mobilizing and sending supplies rather than deploying soldiers into combat.
The Australian Navy did not engage in combat operations until halfway into year two of WW II,
And the Australian Army did not deploy in WW II combat until the same year as the US troops deployed in WW II combat.

And, America participated materially in the reconstruction of Japan, after we melted two cities, but remember in the 80s when everyone was freaked out about how much real estate investment in the USA that Japanese interests were amassing? That’s not xenophobia, that’s a clear business interest, and we helped them become that successful.

JVC? That’s “Victor Company of Japan,” yeah the dog with the record player Victor.

Against Japan or Against Europe?

Personally I dont really take much of it seriously.

Everytime there is a “Bombshell” or “smoking gun” in US politics fuckall happens apart from the other side talking smack about it until something else happens.

I have been reading that even Bidens own team are conspiring to get him out before the end of his term as holding him up with sticks and putting words into his mouth has become tiring.

Who will be next? doesn’t matter because they will be doing the exact same agenda.

So to summarise i dont think the lack of coverage on here is due to any bias as id say most of leftier people disappeared during the trump Era anyway so if anything perhaps the bias swings slightly the other way now but more so because nobody expects it to go anywhere and its certainly nothing we didnt already know.

The United States was at war with both Germany and Japan, and engaged in combat operations starting in the same year.
16,112,566 Americans served in the military during World War II.
405,399 Americans were killed in action, and another 671,278 were wounded.
There were 130,201 American prisoners of war, 116,129 of those POWs returned home after the war.

Less than a million Australians served in World War II.
27,073 Australians were killed and another 23,477 were wounded.

You’re welcome.