How do you train so you avoid injuries


So I’m almost 40, have some mild lower back arthritis. I’d love to try some mma, maybe judo, BJJ, Wrestling.

Is there a way to train while avoiding serious injury?

I’m not looking to jump into competition of course

I have a question that has to do with the op. Alot of people are saying you should strengthen the part of the body that was injured to help it heal faster. Do you guys think it’s true? People who believe this would say the op should do romanian deadlifts or deadlifts to help with his lower back . I’m not a fitness expert so I don’t know what to think.

At your age anything you do is going to hurt more. I recommend more belly breathing.

Naturally this is a great time to start managing pain. Martial arts 101, and something most martial artists royally suck at. Especially black belts. That’s how I can spot shitty ones, they have a low pain threshold.

Be cautious about getting advice from broken, geriatric guys with belts. They make a lot of claims but end of day most of them never fought a day in their lives and are enfeebled because they thought they didn’t need to do the necessary roadwork.

Consider this, your body is going to cripple itself most by doing nothing. I’d rather dance in pain at 50 than wither away on a coach.

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Anywhere that uses the Constraints Led Approach informed through Ecological Dynamics.

Rolls eyes.

Again, rolls eyes.

You and Ashida Kim, and for the same reasons.

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I know this is not Monkey Steals Peach, which is actually a really old Cantonese elbow breaking technique, trivial to pull off on BJJ but you’d get DQ’d.

This is from the Kata Dante AKA ,“Dance of the Deadly Hands”. This is bullshit.

It’s actually more like Twin Flying Butterfly from southern CMA (specifically Tiger and Crane).

As Bullshido’s expert on discerning real kung fu from fake Ninjutsu, I have to say getting struck in your taint (perineum, hoy yum in the southern dialects) can really fuck up weekend.

I suspect Radford saw this technique in an old 1970 Chiu Chi Ling VHS tape on Fu Hok Seurng Ying Kuen, and decided to steal it.

Warm up properly, stretch properly before and after.
Eat clean and stay away from alcohol as much as possible.
Dont let your ego allow you to get sucked into battles with anyone.
Decide a safe level to train at and maintain that level if a trainer partner wants to go up a notch then check them on it and bring it back down.
Listen to your body and again keep your ego in check.
Only a few weeks back I rolled with two monsters who train every day and compete , a third wanted to have one final roll before i got changed but I said no which i NEVER used to do even if i was half changed id get back on the mat but i am 46 so I say to myself no youve had a solid session and you have no injuries walk,
Id like to pretend this is wisdom but it took me a torn bicep and acl to work this out.

Also id stay away from Judo and wrestling with a bad back for now.
BJJ easier to control and MMA maybe depending on the gym but wrestling and Judo is gonna mess you up IMO until you strengthen your back up but even then id tread carefully.

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Judo wins again.

Judo is a young mans game.

im sure there are plenty of guys who will be all " im 58 and still randori " blah blah blah there are always exceptions but most of the old Judoka i know are pretty messed up.

Some BJJ guys too to be fair but the messed up BJJ guys still seam to manage to train the Judoka are barely walking.

I’ve had 3 serious judo/BJJ injuries in my life. A shoulder, a knee, and the other knee.

Best thing I ever did for it? Southern Chinese Iron Bridge III. Tid Kiu Saam Tit Sin Kuen. It’s an old Shaolin calisthenic routine. The “Iron Wire”.

Also, a shitload of tea. As Bullshido’s resident expert on brewing medicinal teas, I can help you.
Nothing ends a day of wrestling like a thousand year old recipe.

It’s going to depend on how bad your pain is. If you are already managing a chronic condition, then i’d say focus on that, if you can get it to a point where your back feels strong and pain free, then maybe go speak to a coach and see if he’ll take you for privates so you can manage the pace and intensity. Then take it from there depending on how you hold up. Grappling is hard on the body and joints.

Rolling with a class means rolling the dice on how hard someone is going to go.

It depends on the type of injury and root cause. Like lower back pain could be linked to a weak core. Shoulder pain could be because of your rotator cuff. If you get out of surgery for a knee operation, then a lot of your rehab is going to be directly focused on the muscles supporting the knee.

When I have pain in my knee it’s either foot placement which is often linked to my calf, my knee collapsing inwards, or incorrect contraction of my glute and hamstring. If those don’t work, then i’d look for tightness in my ITB band, etc.

If you have a muscle deficiency, so something is stronger or weaker. Let say you have shoulder pain because of poor posture (shoulders slanted forward) causing your shoulder blades to flare and irritation in that rotator cuff. Then doing shoulder exercises (something like shoulder press), without fixing that rotator cuff is just going to make the problem worse. You need to fix you alignment and get that rotator cuff contracting to really solve the problem.

If you train through pain (the wrong kind of pain) your body will try survive the load by recruiting the wrong muscle groups, which makes the problem worse. So sometimes training the area will make your pain worse and the recovery more tricky as you condition the wrong muscle groups.

I’m not a medical professional, I’ve just done a lot of rehab. The single most important thing in training is making sure you understand correct form and alignment, a lesson i learned far later than i would have liked. Sorry long reply.

I could care less about injury I’ll heal I’m shocked at training prices now. Everywhere I look it’s 2-3 hundred even if it’s a basic cardio boxing or kickboxing class.

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There comes a time when you reach a point where you’re like “why would I pay another fucking dollar for martial arts lessons”.

This is your time now. Consider it money well spent.

Me personally, I spend most of training time stretching, lifting, body weight shit, and most of all, dancing and singing.

Especially Innuit Throat Singing.

But always Shaolin shadowboxing, and Wutangquan.

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We are gonna need a video of this

There a video somewhere of me playing Just Dance 2 to Boney M’s “Rasputin”.

I’ll try to find it. I buried it deep. Somewhere no one could ever find it

I can still prisiadki, almost 50. Pro tip: regular foot massages. Roll a golf ball under your foot before bed.

Drinking Chinese tea, dancing and golf balls?

Are we still posting on bullshido?

Thank you very much for elaborating so much on my question. I didn’t really understand so that’s why I asked in the first place. Anyway thank you again.

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The cardio boxing class around the corner from me cost 140 dollars a month. My muay thai class cost less than a hundred dollars a month.

Or as the Chinese call it, tea.

I’m actually starting to experiment with herbal foot soaks. Ginger, camphor etc. Stay tuned.

I have giant leather hobbit feet, with lethal bunions 13W. when you really think about it that last inch between you and the ground deserves more care than it gets.

Almost tried this new transdermal CBD gel stuff but it’s messy and expensive.