How are we all feeling about the nature of online lessons with Covid?

If theres one thing I think is a positive from the last year and a bit, is that a lot of martial arts gyms have learned to modernize their teaching and promote their systems online, even if this would never beat in person learning. Ive seen a number of online courses spring up from gyms I was going to travel to in different parts of the world, such as Savate in France, Taekkyun in Korea, etc.

While it can never replace in person training, do you think there’s merit to how things have changed in some ways? Is this how martial arts could progress?

I say this from the perspective of being a PT, many of us are moving to online work now for clients, though I dont see that as a one to one comparison.


Happy holidays, you fuckers. I’ll be breaking open a bottle of mead tonight


Our club did them. But I couldn’t get in to it.

You covered this, but “knowing,” how to do something is not the same as having the physique to accomplish it, or the experience of having done it. We’ve been having this same conversation since VHS tapes became popular. It’s sort of the life-blood of Bullshido.



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speaking of, I still find myself refering to the Judo Panther production series by Keith Shwarz, though I believe he quit judo for internal chinese arts didnt he?

I remember that Judo VHS series. His uke was skinny, tall, a green belt, and had a mullet like haircut.

Yeah, got the whole series on ebay for like $20, from a reference material point it was a steal.

I think it’s great. There has been a big push with online content across the board, fighting, nutrition, fitness, online trainers, etc. which has opened up loads of new resources for me. In person training is always the way to go, but some exposure is better than none, and i feel like i have easier access to training i wouldn’t have had previously. There are loads of things i want to try out, or understand, but can’t find people locally, or the ones you can find you’d rather go without. This offers the opportunity to at least get some of that exposure. The degree to how effective online training is comes down to the setup (Equipment, training partners, etc.). I think we could still take what online training is much further.

… having an excellent remote coach is better than a shit local one is also another way of looking at it.

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the amount of PT’s I know going online is promising to me. I’m hoping I can build the client numbers up to the point I don’t need to physically be at the gym and can focus more on animation at this point.

I wonder how people are doing without usual sparring sessions.

Professional striking gyms only have the athletes do live sparring once a week, or less, anyway.
And the winning-nest wrestling teams emphasize drills more than unstructured live wrestling, and have a similar ratio of situational drilling to live, unstructured wrestling.
You said “sparring”, but perhaps you also mean partner situational drilling.

No I mean sparring

What a strange question, then.
Why would sparring sessions or not having sparring sessions be a factor in how people are doing?
Compared to any other recreational or exercise activity?