History is stranger than fiction

Murphy’s Law: Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

Given enough time, mathematically this holds to be true. Here’s some unlikely things that could go wrong and did.

Clearly you have never read The Futurological Congress

Things you wanted know about homos but were afraid to ask.

This is a user friendly insight into proto humans

I definitely did not. Is that some sort of alternate history novel? My patience is always a little thin with those but sometimes they can be very informative with actual historical events instead of wildly misleading regarding the historical importance of some event the author is obsessed with or appears to be imagining to have happened from which they base their alternate history narrative upon. So then it’s alternate history from a real history that never actually happened.

There’s a lot of foolishness in the world of historical literature. Ancient aliens and all the insanity that goes with similar teleological delusion that goes with things like that for example.

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It’s a surrealist black comedy

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Excellent. I read the reviews and it looks great. Thanks for the recommendation.

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A small little well timed kindness and understanding can prevent a lifetime of misunderstanding fueled miseries and suffering.

Jesus Christ, this guy is an utter piece of shit.

Which guy? 12 characters

Oh, the serial killer. Right. Sorry, I’m not on the ball today.

Yeah man. That is probably the worst known criminal in combat sports history.

A boxer that used skills learned for the ring to quickly disable women so that he could rape and kill them.

Monsters like that should serve as a wake up call to what man is capable of doing if they are divorced from human empathy.

I find it remarkable how cocaine seems to overwrite people’s ability to feel human empathy and guilt.

If only we knew more about the mechanism in the mind that creates feelings of empathy then we might have a better tool in the arsenal of mental health. That’s probably not going to happen in my lifetime though. It is interesting to note that the mutation that created dogs from gray wolves seems to have also caused a massive change in the way dogs form emotionally bonds with people.

Down’s syndrome is also known to create a highly increased propensity for empathy. Anecdotally, you’ll never have a better or more loyal human friend than a Down’s kid.

Ecstasy will do that.