Has anyone tried this move? Hidden hand cuffing. Or resisted hand cuffing

(If that works. It should be Craig Hanaumi doing the Gracie hand cuffing system. )

It really is one of the toughest positions to deal with. And also possibly one of the most poorly managed m, martial arts wise.

So hopefully this is some sort of solution.

I have seen people using kimoura grips to do the same thing. I used to use hammer locks to get the same results.

Just interested to see if anyone else has a solution that does involve river dancing on the guy untill he gives up.

The kimoura option.

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One of the LEF commenters pointed out, the other hand might have a firearm. A very dangerous situation, fighting for that one arm might not be so…field suited. Maybe just punch the head first. Again, not my opinion, just reading the room.

I once kept a state police trooper in kesa gatame for a few minutes until he yielded. In my head was “this is how I can keep him from drawing his sidearm” (he was right handed). It worked. He was very frustrated.

Also, “kimoura”? That doesn’t jive with the Japanese pronunciation. 木村 政彦.

In before the Judo nazis.

I love a bit of kesa. I have had to hold guys down for like 40 minutes for cops to arrive some times and that is the only position that will allow you functional knees afterwards.

Even the last guy I did. There were some dudes helping me and they got up and one guy was like “my knees are all scratched up”

And i just told him “kesa mother fucker”

Anyway gift wrap the other arm. And try not to kill the guy with positional asphyxiation.

In regards to a gun. I was fighting this dude for a pair of scissors. And a friend of mine running soccer kicked him in the head. Which did definitely loosen his grip on the weapon. But didn’t put him out. So the face punching wouldn’t be a fix to a problem likr a concealed gun in the other hand. Which is almost unsolvable if you wanted the guy in hancuffs.

Wait untill i describe an ompaloompa.

By the way. Has anyone done the Gracie combatives system?

I haven’t, but I used to train at a very “traditional” BJJ school. From what I’ve seen of the Gracie Combatives stuff periodically, there looked to be a lot of overlap.

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I have.