Hacking is Easy

Um, first off, why dont we have a forum to discuss general science and technology?

Second, hacking is easy as fuck. A little programming knowledge goes a long way, so understanding the basic principles (its algebra) makes projects utilizing programming concepts 100x easier. For example, AI clap cheeks if you can program. You’ll be able to ask it relevant questions and phrase them in a way that taps into its natural communication form.

Then, when you actually look at the system vulnerabilities and the capabilities of the current technology, which you have to be kinda dense to not understand, the vectors start becoming obvious. IMO the lack of programming knowledge in the general population has to do with when its presented. IMO it should be mandatory with algebra, not before. Instead its presented before algebra (somehow) and then not again til college and you have to pick it.

The funny thing is, when you know a little bit of hacking, its easy to think the fake hacking from the movies is fake. Cause it is. But then when you figure it out, its actually really, really accurate down to the rapid fire input, the timers, etc.

Practically every hacking scene in the Matrix movies used nmap.

As an nmap grandmaster, I gotta say…nowadays I just see blonde, brunette, redhead.

After some “study”, I’ve decided to run with an enhanced 'tifa style of hacking. It fits my education, experience and human/tech resources the best and should be enough to win the second hacker war.