Guys its over I found the real MMA

This is a local school to me claiming it has the martial arts best kept secret. Even Kengan Asura art is on the main page. Is this too deadly for the octagon?

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It was so hot today,
that I seriously considered putting tampons in each of my armpits, on either side of my genitalia, and in my ass crack.
It’s hot out there, with a side of hot.

This observation does not materially improve OP, or advance conversation around the subject at hand. Please refrain from low-content posts in our serious areas.

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OK, I’ll bite, and be serious.
Why should we care?
There are MMA venues, there, right?
The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
And, its hard to claim the public has undue hardship, for caveat emptor, when MMA venues for cash, or amateurs, are on every corner, every month.
As for woo, well, there are levels to woo, and woo can be found everywhere, to varying degrees.
I franly did not realize this was a serious, rather than light hearted post, by sarcastic tone, and subject material.

It was intended to be mostly light hearted