Gracie Family Speaks out Against Carlos Gracie Jr

Weird, it looks like she’s accusing him of… checks notes everything I said he did and then some. Funny coincidence how so many people catch the same mental illness where they catch this specific guy stealing. Has that ever happened in the history of mental health?


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"I’ve just read an extensive post from Ralph’s mother, and it seems like a real-life drama is unfolding.

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Vera, the mother of Renzo, Ralph, Ryan, and Flavia, responded forcefully to derogatory remarks made by Crolin Gracie. Vera defended her children’s honor, disputing Crolin’s characterization of them as ‘cowards’ and ‘bandits,’ and cited instances of their courage and uprightness. She criticized Crolin for disrespecting her family and spreading misinformation, highlighting his own questionable actions and those of his associates, such as Carlinhos.

Vera argued that her family upholds the values of jiu-jitsu and are respected men who defend their friends and stand against injustice, unlike Crolin, who she claims has contributed nothing meaningful to the sport and lived off the Gracie name, involved in dubious activities.

She accused Crolin of being manipulated by Carlinhos and having no sense of family unity, loyalty, or gratitude, highlighting various alleged wrongdoings and betrayals committed by them. Vera emphasized that her family never publicly condemned or judged Crolin and Carlinhos despite knowing their flaws and misdeeds, believing that family matters should be dealt with privately.

Vera warned Crolin against further disparaging remarks, implying she has damaging information that could expose serious wrongdoings involving him and his associates. She advised him to reflect on his own faults before criticizing others.

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Here’s a translated version. Y’all got played by a predator who specializes in that bullshit:

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"I’ve just read this extensive post from Ralph’s mom. It feels like witnessing a real-life soap opera unfold.


Crolin, I am Vera, the mother of Renzo, Flavia, Ralph, and Ryan. Upon hearing your audio, I am in disbelief. You accuse my son of being a coward and a bandit and committing ‘Crocodilagem.’ Before speaking such words, you should have informed yourself; my son didn’t get into a conflict over the gym, it was due to disrespect he experienced during the event.

Let’s clarify, I raised true men who never acted cowardly or unscrupulously. Most of their conflicts arose while defending friends or standing against injustice. They are men of jiu-jitsu, courageous men, unlike you, who has never contributed to the sport, living off the Gracie name while indulging in mediocrity.

You have spent your time using marijuana and became lethargic, as documented in your sister’s book. We are real; we don’t hide behind false images. We admit Ryan had struggles with drugs, but we never deny or criticize such problems.

My children don’t avoid conflicts; they face them. You, despite being a Gracie, have accomplished little, showing mediocrity in all aspects. Your family respects my son Renzo’s name more than yours, because actions, not birth names, earn admiration, dignity, respect, and honor.

Carrying the Gracie name means nothing if you are insignificant.

You speak of honor and respect, but where is your respect for Renzo? If you had any respect and gratitude for my son, you would not have expressed your opinions in such a disrespectful manner against all of us; we stand united. You portray yourself as the epitome of truth and righteousness.

Have you forgotten who Ralph is, the brother of Renzo, who has always been beneficial to you all, through gifts or his generous heart? Gratitude is the trait of great men, and I doubt Renzo is pleased with your insults against his brother.

We don’t need opinions from you or anyone else to discern right from wrong. We never condemn or judge anyone in public; family matters should be resolved within the family, not in the streets, like you are doing, being a puppet for Carlinhos, speaking his mind as he lacks the courage to do so himself.

Your unity and priority have always been questionable, each one for themselves, defending people who disrespect your own family members. Why don’t you ever use your brother’s Gracie Bar? No need to answer, we know why.

Carlinhos has been more of a beneficiary than a benefactor. My children and their friends have been the true representatives of the academy; they became the reference for the academy to have followers, not someone who never fought a fight or shed a sweat.

Carlinhos lets his own children, Kayron and Caroline, be treated poorly and did nothing when Marcio criticized Caroline. Marcio is homophobic, can’t stand his own brother because he’s gay. You all, including yourself, accuse opponents of what you do, call them what you are.

You are the cowards, manipulators of truth, who invent lies and use media to deceive your team, Gracie Barra, with the sole purpose to destroy for financial gain.

Carlinhos disrespected the dead, breached agreements, and took over the academy of Angela and her two sons, Rolles and Igor, after Rolles died, leaving them without any source of income. We, unlike you, are united without greed or pettiness.

My children know how to recognize and appreciate what was done for them and have been able to repay what they have received. Your lack of character began in childhood when you stole your grandfather’s watch, a Patek Philippe. You alienated and isolated your father for your financial interests, left him to live precariously in his last days.

You and your associates set up a pyramid scheme, and you tried to dump the consequences on us, which I didn’t allow. You tried to defraud even your friends with fake emeralds. We never went public with these, as we consider ourselves ‘family.’

You’ve missed a great opportunity to remain silent. Before criticizing others, introspect and recognize your own flaws."

You can see every single one of their fights and BJJ matches available here:

And thats why he needs forced enrollment. Cause literally no one is interested in this parasite and his stoner buddies leeching off the work of his brothers and thousands of other hard working grapplers. But if you FORCE them… People are just fooled because of the name and blood ties, but the reality is that these dudes are fucking BUMS and they make up for that lifestyle by exploiting others and harming those that refuse to be exploited. They’d be homeless otherwise as they provide no value to the world and have zero actual job skills.

The sad thing is, instead of a destructive, nationwide nationalist conflict, we could just oust this guy. But y’alled rather we have mortal combat in our own city streets than call this man out.

This is 5yrs old how did it end up?

Ralph went to jail and Junior is still extorting people, providing rapists with access to women and children, and terrorizing families. This guy belongs in fucking prison, but places like Bullshido keep covering for his bitch ass. Fucking pathetic. He couldn’t be a more blatant racketeer. We shouldn’t have to live under threat by this parasite just because we’re grapplers. No one should ever have to live like that.

Bullshido has helped pull off the biggest, most damaging fraud in martial arts history.

Keep in mind that that right there is the FOURTH report from witnesses and/or victims. James Liu, John Gorman and myself are the others directly accusing this “man”.

Free rent in Jordan’s head.

I could have left the Kiwi Farms trolls alone, so they could have their way with him. AprilRains targeted him for a reason. He fits their profile.

But I, unlike most of you, have an ethical code. And it costs me greatly.

Never forget they are just over there waiting. I can’t light up the darkness here forever you know.

Dude, you ARE a troll. And no more damage can or could be done to me. Literally nothing you can do. All cards have been played. If people fuck with me, remember, I know where my enemies work. I can make the rounds just fine.

And its not like a rent free issue. Its daily harm, the parasite does. Every day I recruit more nationalists, train more men, deploy them to vital areas and set the stage to win Carlos’ race war. Its a 1483 issue.

I thought Kiwi farms was dead now?

Like actually wiped from the internet.

Only mostly dead. It’s still festering out there, trying to hide.

These people don’t use just one site, they infest whole categories and are known to try to spread their influence far and wide by invading unrelated subjects (like martial arts, it happened here).

But I’d hate to be the owner of that site right now. He’s unemployable and according to chatter, fled the US to eastern Europe (Serbia?l because he’s one of the most hated people on the internet.

Worst of all, now he’s crying about being a victim of cancel culture. For running a site full of Nazis and sadists.