Good article on Kiwi Farms shut down, some thoughts

pretending not to know when he posted photos of it

Did you have a stroke?

That’s what you do in your cuck den, right?


How do these threads always seem to go from “well if you look at this article, fact or point of view” (factual discussion) to “you’re a stupid face”. Interestingly conflict often keeps forums alive, people do enjoy logging in to argue. The balance is in the conflict vs the content and social component. The longer that balances out, the longer the forum is busy. If the conflict ratio is too low, they appear to just die off, people get bored (unless it’s a technical forum, devs, engineers, etc. sharing source code, looking for help, different model). If the conflict ratio is too high, you’re left with those that survive the environment. Just think it’s an interesting thought, off topic though, but then again, i think the topic was being lost fairly quickly. This is not based in any research or papers, just an observation.

For two reasons that might even be related:

  1. Organized Consensus Cracking - likely not as much of an issue here considering the minuscule size of the regular user base but much more prevalent on platforms like Reddit, 4chan, Twitter, and larger forums where information operations can have an enormous effect on opinion. And in the case of a platform like Twitter, which is used extensively by “journalists” and people who work in media, even shape mass media reporting and opinion.
  2. Individuals who engage in activities that appear to be Consensus Cracking because they are mimicking techniques they see elsewhere (extensive use of “we all”, “everyone here” etc. when they are giving their own, individual opinion or take, personal attacks in the face of inconvenient arguments etc.) and have a political interest in the argument.

Anyone who ever posted on Kiwi Farms is a possible terrorist.

Global terrorist. You were warned, you laughed.

Welcome to 2023. How’s your power level now, mothefucker. You earned the Electric Eye, stop crying.

These people should stand out like a sore thumb on If it was ever worth a shit.

That goes for both of you suspect fucks. Did you really think when Bullshido torpedoed and sunk Kiwi Farms, you could hide out here?

There’s no defense against the Care Bear Stare.

Are you feeling okay?


Oh shit, an actual jackalope.

That poor bunny has got a face full of wolf worms.

Oh, do tell!

No it don’t, stupid face!

You sure you want to know?

9 realms. 10 trillion souls.

1,000 worlds. Ten thousand lifetimes.

I’ll find you. I got your number. How do you like them apples.

Full apologies, that’s an old dumb MIT bar joke, I don’t literally have your number. Haven’t needed it yet.

Never went to any bitch ass Boston school neither. Bunch of a softies.

I’m a Micky/Dicky Ward guy. Liver shots.

Yes, you do.

You were not making a joke.

You forgot yourself again,

And/or, one of your less refined and more abrasive personalities took control of the Rabbit host body again.

I find this annoying mainly because you are an amalgam of wasted potential, and a disappointment in that regard.

That said, I always like to believe that maybe you are a good father to your kids, and maybe that is the value that redeems you from being fecal matter without fertilizing value.

Spoken like a true black belt.

You’re stuck on stupid while I’m stuck on the map.

I did donate time to / on you, in this instance.
That said, with a case such as yours,
I do not do so with any expectation of return.
That said, sometimes, I do so, anyway.
It’s not free.
It is not without opportunity cost.
On the other, its extension by convenience,
Out of habit,
As I was passing by anyway.

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Ever watched someone seize?

These website punks don’t know shit. They talk. Most of them never saw real shit.

At least a couple of you fools have seen some shit and can talk about it. It takes time to weasel that out, dig?

Here’s one nugget I saw here at somebody tried to get somebody else to kill themselves, in broad daylight. 10,000 fools were involved, guess who stills here?

There is a difference between mad and angry, Doctor whatever. You can get angry around me anytime. I’ll let you go overboard, then fish you out, word is bond.

Yes, hundreds of times, or more.

And, I worked in the operating room for brain surgeries, for epilepsy patients.

And the before and after clinical visits.

Including observing the before, and after, hemispherectomy, on a child.

Remarkably, that child did better afterwards, with half their brain removed, than before.


I am usually not angry.

Whether or not, I go overboard, is a matter of subjective opinion.

New moon on Monday, la Luna. Ah, miho.